Movie Review-Kiss the Abyss


Have you ever started watching a film that you have never seen before but within seconds it feels like you have seen it before? Now that is not a knock on this film whatsoever, but this film seemed so familiar to me, that in the first half hour I even felt like that I knew the scene that was about to happen. That being said Kiss the Abyss is about a happy couple Lesley and Mark, things change very fast for them when Mark gets involved with their neighbor’s domestic dispute and tries to get the guy off the girl. Well, the guy sneaks in their house and brings a led pipe for his revenge, but instead of hitting Mark with it like he intended he accidentally hits Lesley with it and kills her. First time director Ken Winkler shows us that the price of love sometimes is even too much for any loved one to pay as Mark, along with Lesley’s brother and dad take a trip to the middle of nowhere for this guy who for a price takes the once dead body of Lesley and brings her back to life. You know with these horror films that when someone dies, that you should just let it go right there, but what died is not what is reborn, now Lesley who appears on the surface at times to be the wife that Mark married, underneath she is a monster who craves blood and will kill anyone to get it.

I really enjoyed this film and would recommend this just for the simple fact that while parts felt very familiar, this film delivered a decent story and some very bloody moments that we watch films like this for. As the story in this film is being played out, we start to wonder what is really going on with Lesley’s family, like in a scene where they threaten Mark to never go near her again and then kidnap her, knowing good and well there is something really wrong with her and Mark seems to be the only thing that keeps her from going insane. Most of the first part of the film is told thru flashbacks, which were very vivid and let us know all of what is going on, so we were not in the dark about anything, and that this transformation of Lesley be emotional to us. Which we do feel for Mark and also Lesley’s family but we also question why bring her back to life, especially when you are dealing with a shady guy who as you can see already has some zombie woman chained up. The finale and how this film decides to finish were pretty predictable and basically horror film 101 basics, which I really wished they would have thought outside the box and tried to throw us a major curve ball. A film like this needed a twist, needed some turns and sadly it did not deliver those. The script is OK, the acting is OK, and the blood and gore was decent what you do get, but this film I wish would have really tried to push the envelope a little, gave us something to talk about. The film does deliver somewhat, I just wish it would have delivered more.

7.5 out of 10