Movie Review-Jedi Junkies


Star Wars and its legacy there have been so many tributes, documentaries and also feature films about the legacy this franchise has had on its fans. I remember as a kid going to the movie theater with my parents to see Star Wars on the big screen, and this was before vcrs and betas, so we had to go see it again and again. That was 1977, today is 2013 and the legacy that is Star Wars is still so alive today. With news that Lucas has sold his franchise to Disney, all the fans have been very ready to give an opinion. So with all that controversy and excitement in the air about the future of the franchise, what a better time to release Jedi Junkies, this 73 minute look at Star Wars. From the start of this Mark Editz directed documentary, it seems to not be sure what he wants this to be as it really covers so much ground, that I am not really sure if this is a tribute to the world of fandom or is this film the odd look at obsession? What that basically means is this film has no focus whatsoever and is so all over the place, but for the most part the people in the film who talk and share are captivating in a way that you are at least not bored by this.

Lucas has nothing to do with this documentary, so there is no footage of the films playing during the film, which I did not mind so much, but I would have loved that Lucas could have at least been witness to this and did a commentary, that would have been a huge selling point. As the documentary plays out we get to meet the collectors of course, and we get to meet the people who attend in their favorite Star Wars character’s costume. We also get during the documentary a few psychologists who speak up and comment about this fandom. One of them was from Celebrity Fit Club Linda Papadopoulos who if you watched that show you know what wisdom comes out of her clueless mouth. I get why people feel the need to chime in and give us their medical opinion I assume, or professional opinion but fuck let people live the way they want to live. If they did a documentary about blogging and someone finger pointed what I do and said, “he has issues”. I would say what gives you the right to say anything about me; I am doing what makes me happy.

We also get Peter Mayhew, Ray Park, Orli Shoshan, the dude who played Boba Fett and several more people, which even though they are in very briefly and I mean very briefly I still enjoyed seeing them on screen. I mean, as far as documentaries go I did enjoy the Comic Con one that Morgan Spurlock did a whole lot more but this was not too bad. I just wish it would have had more Star Wars input and maybe focused more on a central topic and then built from there, instead of coming across like a cliff notes view of a lifestyle/film.

7 out of 10