Movie Review-It’s in the Blood


Plot-In quite possibly one of his best roles in ages, Lance Henriksen plays Russell. Russell and this son October, (played by Sean Elliot) decide to go in the woods to hunt, and reconnect after not seeing each other for years. While they are in the woods, the hunters soon become the hunted as there is something else in the woods with them. This film came across as parts Ghost and the Darkness meets Predator. As they are being hunted in the woods or stalked, they start to be haunted by their pasts that led to them being apart for so long.

Review-I am not sure I would call this a horror film, it has horror elements, but it felt like a psychological thriller. Whatever you want to lump it in, this was a damn good film. The script was so well written, and Sean Elliot held his own against Lance Henriksen. We learn in the beginning of the film that October has a photogenic memory, and can remember a book in seconds. His subconscious whispers to him when any situation comes up and he flashes back to a book he read and helps with that situation, I loved that aspect of this film. To see Lance give driving lessons in sexual talk, was so fucking weird. It puts a new perspective on how to tell someone to drive a stick shift. When Russell sees something in the woods, he falls off a cliff and breaks his leg, and that is when the film took a very odd turn because it started to bring flashbacks of the past of both guys, which as it reveals itself, is quite disturbing and shocking, you never see the direction of this film going that way. That is where this film scores major points; you cannot figure this film out. I mean you think the premise is simple, you have two men trapped in the wilderness, but under the surface is such a deep film and a fresh breath of air. This film makes you pay attention, it keeps you glued to the screen because you want to see how each scene plays out.

I cannot brag enough about the script and acting in this film, the script and the characters are so well thought out and executed very well. The film gives you some decent gore scenes, and shows you a bitter father and a lost son trying to connect in the most oddest of times and trying to fight off what is out there. This film deserves to be seen, this film deserves a crowd. This film has a way of sucking you into it, and being involved with the characters and their situation. Scooter Downey should be very proud of this film, and I am hoping to see more from him. The man showed with this film has a great knack for taking conventional ideas and putting an odd twist to them to make them seem fresh. All in all, a very good film that really had my attention the whole time. A must see…

9 out of 10