Movie Review-Interview with a Hitman


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This may be my way of thinking but why doesn’t the Academy Awards look out for films that while not box office successes at least give you a career defining acting job? I mean, they are supposed to represent the best actor, actresses and films in that year right? There is no way you can tell me another actor who could have sold the role of Viktor better than Luke Goss. While Luke has been in the last few made for video Death Race films and trying to get people to forget about Jason Statham, Interview with a Hitman shows that Luke is indeed not an actor who needs to play second banana to anyone or be in someone else’s shadow. On the surface people are going to look at this cover and see the stars and think this is some action packed, brain numbing kill for the sake of killing type film that has zero to no script or acting talent. The shocker is that this film is a very solid film that lets its characters stories shine more than their actions or violence, now do not get me wrong this film is a lot of violence and killing, but the storytelling does not serve as a background piece to it, it actually makes it mean something other than senseless or to get a viewer’s attention.

As the film opens we learn that Viktor is a silent but deadly assassin that has no heart or conscience. Well, this film focuses more on Viktor coming clean and telling his story to the camera during an interview that is being conducted. Where Interview succeeds at is they have the patience to tell this story and have the faith in the script and character of Viktor to sell the scenes. The interview starts off with a story of how he got his start on the streets of Romania, and how he came from a very broken family of a father who had a debt to the local organization, and Viktor getting a job working thru them at a very young age. We watch how Viktor one day asks someone to pay off a debt to the local organization and they feel disrespected that a kid is in there asking them for it, so Viktor takes a gun and kills the guy and his wife, in front of their two little daughters who are around his age. That act is what set Viktor apart, he was ruthless, cold blooded and very loyal to who hires him.

The story keeps going with Viktor’s story from how he got from there to today, the pacing of the film was so dead on. The story is so intriguing that you are constantly watching and trying to feel sympathy for him because of his upbringing, but you realize that maybe this path was his fate that was waiting for him. Viktor also teaches us not to trust others, but Viktor seems throughout the film to put his trust in people that we watch how this man came up with that logic throughout the film. This is a very dark and complex story, that the acting really came off the page and had your full attention. If there was any kind of negative, why did I just find out about this movie? This film should have been so hyped up, and playing theaters and getting some Luke Goss talk going about how he is going to be the next big name. This film has something for everyone, it is dark and suspenseful for people who are into James Bond films, it was well told and very story based for people who like reading true crime books, and the documentary feel of the interview felt very personal and compelling for people who look to films like Lincoln and Argo for best picture nods. This one absolutely blows my mind, how Oscar ignored it. This to me could be the Hitman film Timothy Olyphant should have made.

9 out of 10