Movie Review-In Our Nature


In Our Nature follows Brooklyn couple Seth and Andie who are going away for the weekend to a house in upstate NY, they have this romantic getaway planned but things change when Seth’s estranged father joins them with his new girlfriend Vicky. Well, the women seem to get along and decide to find a way to get the father and son who do not get along to coexist together and share the house for the first time together since Seth was a kid. As far as small indie films go, this was ok to a point. The message in this film is about our closest bonds and trying to get an alienated father and son to try and mend their relationship. The dialogue is very slow moving, and there is some humor to the film but this film feels more like an on-stage play.

This film is very message heavy and that sometimes just the little things can help heal a lifetime of pain and dysfunction. The film basically centers on the father and son throughout, while the women play briefly, the film is more about repairing the damage done to the dad and son. At first as you can guess the men do not get along and the women start to feel the pain of this, and it affects them also. This film to me while it was ok, because I understand being that me and my father did not get along, and years after he died I reflected back on it and knew what an idiot I was, and I get the meaning of the film but to me it did not have the emotional depth I wanted it to have. It seemed more like an afterthought at times that this film would just give you some emotion then quickly try to inject either humor or insight that really took away from the power of the feeling it was trying to convey.

The film was good in parts, sappy in others and tried way too hard to wrap it all up nicely by the end. I wish this film would have been more sensible with its characters and their range of emotion. I wish this film would have had a different ending, I know this is one of those films that you want to feel good after watching it, but how many feel good movies do we need? Why not make it realistic, the film the whole time gave you the feeling no more how bad it would get, by the end all will be fine in some form or fashion, it shined hope throughout and I think that hurt this film more than helped. All in all, this was not so bad that I hated it; it was ok and had some of moments in it. This almost felt like a weird version of Away We Go, not sure why but it felt that way to me while this film resembles nothing about that film, but it gave me the same feeling.

7 out of 10