Movie Review-I Didn’t Come Here to Die


Coming to you April 15th

What do you get when you throw six total strangers in the middle of the woods and let them volunteer on a project together? I didn’t come here to die is out to answer that question for you. This film is being billed as Evil Dead for the new generation of horror film lovers, while I do not think that comparison is so fair, because the only thing they share in common is that they are both in the middle of nowhere and everyone is clueless as to what is going on. This film had a feel that to me resembled Tucker and Dale vs. Evil meets Heathers in a way more than Evil Dead. This film starts off slow and builds up the characters, and is shot in a graininess and retro feel that they want you to think you are watching a 70’s film, well one that has cell phones in it. While most of you will look at the cover art and come up with your own conclusions, let me tell you that this film is not some cheap rip off or poorly thrown together indie horror film. This film has so much going for it in terms of humor and the few kills that you are going to have a blast with this film. This film created paranoia once you understood what was going on, as to how each character is going to get theirs or if they do at all.

This film is from start to finish just insane, it gives you a new kind of horror, the kind that is just absurd and can happen at any time. Of course, you know that one of the people on this retreat will sneak alcohol, one will have a cell phone that will not get any service and one will be misunderstood as the film goes on and shit goes down. The negatives to this film, is the closing sequence with the police officer, it made the film come to a complete halt, but the payoff was fun. Also, I think some people may not like the slow build in the opening half hour. Though, it had comedy to it some people may want the killing and horror to get going sooner than it does. I had no issues with it, once I saw what else this film offered and then I respected the slow build. The opening minutes set this film up to a tee, where we know something bad is going to happen, but we are really confused as to what it could be.

This is the first film for Bradley Scott Sullivan and judging by what he is giving us, I am hoping it is not his last. The man has a sick sense of humor and also respects the horror genre and dared to create something different yet sticking with a formula we are all familiar with. If you loved Tucker and Dale, you will have a blast with this film, it is that type of humor that almost seems like a mock-horror film until it comes to the gore and kills. Again, I hate the cover to the dvd but I did like what was inside the case. This is a very fun horror film that people are going to sit back and laugh and be grossed out with. This is worthy of all the praise, hype and word of mouth it has gotten since its first screening in 2010. Believe the hype.

8 out of 10

  • TomasHunter

    Thank you for reviewing “I Didn’t Come Here to Die”, JamesD! Some of my DISH coworkers and I have started a little movie club where we all make selections from the over 100,000 titles available from our DISH Blockbuster @Home rental service. Then we gather on Saturdays to watch our picks of the week. I have been hearing about this movie for a long time now; it seems like forever. I have it at the top of my rental queue, and we will find out if this movie lives up to the hype once it arrives in my mail box.