Movie Review-Hollow


Hollow is the latest found footage film shot around an old monastery in a small little village in England. There is this tree that supposedly is haunted and has been named “suicide tree”. It seems that couples seem to hang themselves from the limbs of this hollow tree. Well four friends with a camcorder are out to explore this local folklore and find out if this is true. I understand why today’s generation are so in love with the found footage film because it seems they are part of the film because it feels so real and gives them the feeling almost like a first person shooter video game. Like all found footage films based on any legend, this is a very slow burn and some might even make a case that not much happens in this entire film, but I had a few moments here and there that I was drawn into the story and wanted to stick with it. I mean, the opening minutes you already know how the film will play out, but you want to follow it and see how it got to that point, and I really did not mind the slow burn this time around, and found myself thru the bad plot holes and at times questionable acting, still sticking with it to see how it will play out.

This film opens promisingly enough with some police investigating the tree and talking about the tape they found which is now evidence, and from there it just sucked me into this story that is nothing original at all, this film could be best describe as Blair Witch with some Last Exorcism stunts thrown in towards the end. It tries to make you feel you are part of the story, and at times you just sit there waiting for anything to happen. The film really gets a little momentum going once everyone starts using drugs and running around outside insane and almost challenging this myth to happen. The film works best in the outdoors at night when they give us the noises and we are left to use our minds to assume what that noise could be. The last 30 minutes of this film seems inspired by Jaws, where it has three of the four people trapped in their vehicle that will not start and a battery on their camcorder that is about to die, and knowing there is something outside of the vehicle that is ready to kill them. This film absolutely moves at a snail’s pace and is a copy of almost every other found footage film but I really enjoyed this film a little more than most of its ilk. I felt that the premise of this tree that looks like every tree we see everyplace was interesting and I was intrigued by what kind of ending this film could pull of, I have to admit I wanted to see how this film would play out.

I think the age of the camcorder pov is never going to die and we will get more and more of these. I am not sure if I should blame Blair Witch for really revolutionizing this guerilla style of film making or Paranormal Activity that gave audiences the ultimate scare when they watched a couple sleep in a bed for 45 minutes with nothing else happening, and made millions and millions and a few sequels. I think if I watched this film again it would not even come close to entertaining me as it did this time, or I could not get thru it. I know for one time this film was not as bad as it could have been and the fate of the people kept me interested in this film, I had to see if the myth was real.

7 out of 10