Movie Review-Dose of Reality


This title will be released on March 26, 2013.

Welcome to LaBrie’s Cocktail bar, it is closing time and manager Tony is doing drugs to the point of passing out in his office and bartender Matt goes into the bathroom and sees a woman who he thinks is dead, he wakes up a passed out Tony and they realize that she is not dead, they go thru her belongings and find out that her name is Rose and she seems to be knocked out. So Matt gets her off the bathroom floor and takes her to the sink to let her sleep on the table. Well, when Rose wakes up she accuses Matt of raping her, when she later thinks that she is mistaken, she then accuses Tony of raping her. After this, she plays the guys off each other to cause them to fight each other and she keeps playing a cat and mouse game with the guys.

Fairuza Balk plays Rose, which for me is always a positive as I am such a big fan of hers. She to me is such an underrated actress who I really think did not get a big break or superstardom that she deserved. Watch The Craft, Gas Food and Lodging, even the pathetic Waterboy, American History X, Fairuza knows what to bring into a role, and that is beauty and insanity. She is clearly the glue that really holds this film together. The characters of Tony and Matt really try with what they are given, but this film suffers from the basic story just not being strong enough to go so long. This premise could have been told in half the time, but they stretch it out and it shows.

Now, the bad part of this is there is a twist to this film. The twist really worked, but I am not sure how many people will stick with this film or be interested to know what happens. The script is your standard fare, the actors do try their best but this film needed I guess the word would be direction. It just seems to go nowhere, and that the plot goes around in circles. The characters seemed to go thru the same situations over and over to the point; you just wish that there was more action to it. This could be seen as a three person play, that you have Rose acting all kinds of mental and disturbed and two guys who on the surface seemed to get along and hate each other within seconds, then go back and repeat.

There is a scene in this film that may upset a lot of people, when they have this discussion about Tony’s wages at the bar and how much he makes, and Fairuza seems to paint a picture that may be conceived as how the Hollywood elite think of us middle class to lower class people trying to survive. The last ten minutes of this film are cruel and also the best part of the film, no one will see it coming and that is why it worked for me. I can barely recommend this, because the film was smart enough to throw a wrench at us and give us a decent job by Balk, and the film for the most part could keep you interested just to see how it will all play out or what could happen in the next scene.

6.5 out of 10