Movie Review-Doomsday County


Coming to dvd February 12th

As much as I enjoy watching any film Troma puts out, one of my complaints is always why do all the films always seem to start feeling the same as the film goes on. You know with a Troma distributed film you are not going to worry about a script or acting that you are going to get over the top violence, gore and some occasions over the top nudity. No matter what the premise is, where it was shot or who filmed it, it just seems that as the film goes on you just know it is Troma. Some people may think of this as a negative, but for Troma fans like me sometimes it is a positive. Case in point is Doomsday County, which by the way the town goes thru epidemics and attacks feels a lot like Tromaville, USA. In the series of a few stories, this town experiences zombies, vampires, aliens and a mad scientist all in the period of a day.

The story starts off in Doomsday Academy and a class called advanced lighting. They are filming with the film students a zombie film. Well, one of the students notices a xenon bulb and decides to test the myth and see if when you throw it on the ground to break it bad things happen. Well when he throws it on the ground smoke comes out of it and seem to turn everyone into some zombies. It is now up to the film teacher Eddie Tapia to save them. Well from there we learn that Dr. Mongoo who is this mad scientist has created a virus to take over the world, and has started to infect the whole county and now it is up to two detectives to stop him before it is too late. From there, now we have an Alien invasion happening, and they have to call in Model Rock Star and Secret Agent Betty Beretta to save the day.

This film was fun for the most part, while the zombies in the beginning were severely low budget and the acting was what you would expect, the film for the most part had the feel of a low budget The Crazies with running zombies included. Again, we get the shtick with Lloyd and Debbie to start the film that we have seen for the last few years and is basically the same thing we seen over and over. In the extras we get the Lloyd out of the homeless box selling Troma dvds for a dollar while preaching about independence. I give Troma so much credit for the network they have on my cable, because they give you fans a chance to experience some really cool films. And, this month they have Klown Kamp Massacre which is one of the best films in a very long time from Troma that all you fans should have bought by now. The movie itself is enough to make fans of Troma happy that they are still going and picking up these small films and giving them a home, but makes you wish they would go outside of their comfort zone, while I really was hard on Mr. Bricks, the plus to that film was it was something unique for them to take that gamble, but this Doomsday County is more of the same we expect from them, for better or worst.

The question is did this film entertain me, and the answer is yes. Would I watch this film again, maybe? Would I recommend this film to you guys, if you know what you are getting into you would be better for this film then say someone going into it blindly.

7 out of 10

  • I was actually in this film (The Curse of Dr Mongoo) but I have yet to see it…i’m so excited. I’m in the part with the 2 detectives in the car..I’m the first zombie scare against the passenger window…and I really scared the actor..caught him completely by surprise.