Movie Review-Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You!


Review- Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You! is a love letter to 50’s horror from the people who brought you Freaky Farley. With a creature who looks like Zaat and a premise that feels inspired by Creature from the Black Lagoon, we meet main character Neil Stuart who got the cruel nickname RB after being a witness to the monster and no one believing him. In this quiet New England town, Neil is a tutor who became town laughingstock after reporting the Riverbeast. So he lost his fiancée due to a reporter named Sparky Watts whose life goal seems to be humiliating Neil in the local paper and after an absence he has back in town to be a tutor again and show people that the beast does exist. After watching this film I have to admit, I may have been wrong with my hate of Freaky Farley. Matt and Charles, who made that film and now this one, are creating this independent throwback feel with ultra-low budget cheese, and this film has this fun spirit flowing throughout that you will have a blast with this film. They open this film with almost an Alfred Hitchcock presents little speech, and the narrator informs us when the screen flashes red twice, we will get the horror of the Riverbeast, so they do give you a warning as to when it will happen.

Riverbeast also has not one love story going on, but two. One focuses on Neil trying to win back his love Emmaline who is due to be married, and the other involves his brother whose job is to play guitar in the park and one day a beautiful blonde vagabond starts to do this dance craze called “poppin” and they become a hit with people and he is doubling and tripling his profits. The love stories were cheesy in a 50’s sort of sentiment, the emotional range of the characters is laughable but that is what added to the beauty of this film. This film has so many questions that I was left with after the film was over, one being how can two girls always be in the woods dancing and the Riverbeast does not attack them? We also meet the student Neil is trying to tutor named Allie, who in the start of the film her and her school friend caught one of the professors in a tree spying on them at the lake. Allie is that girl who wants to tan all day and is so naïve to the world and people, that as the film goes on she becomes more developed and also is out to help Neil get his ex-fiancée back. This film is not meant to be taken serious or a film to really put deep thought into, it is a film that is made for the whole family to just sit back and laugh, and remember yesteryear. This film from start to finish is a wink and a smile, it is there to entertain you and keep you watching. This really could be the indie sleeper film of 2013. This film makes me want to rewatch Freaky Farley to see if I feel the same now that I understand their humor and what they are doing a little bit more. I will say right now, there are a few scenes you will roll your eyes at, like the wedding band song and them all doing some dance that I guess is the Riverbeast dance, but read that sentence and you will see the absurdity in it. All in all, this was a fun film for the whole family. This is one beast you may want to get.

8.5 out of 10