Movie Review-Deadfall


Review- Deadfall follows a brother and sister who after a casino heist, have an accident in their car and decide to split up to try and make it across the border and meet each other there. Olivia Wilde plays Liza and Eric Bana plays her older brother Addison, when the film starts out this seems on the surface to just be your ordinary bank robbing brother and sister, but as the film plays out this relationship takes some twists and turns that keep you guessing what is truly going on in this family. While these two are stranded and trying to make the Canadian border in the middle of winter, there is a second story about Jay who just got out of jail which we learn that Jay was a boxer, and he went to jail for something that went down in one of his fights. Now, out of jail he goes to pay a visit to the promoter who fixed this fight and let Jay take the fall and go to jail. Well as you can guess this talk does not go well, and the promoter takes a bat and beats down Jay, until Jay takes control and fights back and kills him. Now, fresh out of jail, Jay is also on the run as well. Well, as fate would have it as Jay is trying to run away from what happened, he sees Liza is alone freezing to death in the cold and he picks her up and eventually falls in love with her. Eventually you know that fate would have all of them having to meet.

Eric Bana to me since the Hulk film has really fought and struggled to get back to where he was before that role almost destroyed his career. While Star Trek he was really great, I just think this is that film that should ignite talk again that the man has talent, much like that talk that should say Olivia Wilde is a star. This film was smart and effective, it was tense and had you from start to finish trying to figure out what move each character would make next. The script was solid, and the character development in this film was really excellent. You have so many supporting characters like Charlie Hunnam as the troubled ex con Jay, Sissy Spacek and Kris Kristofferson as Jay’s parents, Kate Mara as the police officer that is about to become an FBI agent, who wants to make her father proud who is the chief of police played by Treat Williams. No one in this film was wasted or seemed to be just an afterthought; all the characters played such a pivotal part in this film having the effect it had. Stefan Ruzowitzky who directed this was also responsible for the underrated Anatomy, which like Deadfall is a great little film that you should pick up. The only negative I could think of is that I did not like the way the film ended, I wish it would have gave us at least ten more minutes to know more. This little thriller will keep you involved in this story, and have you bragging to your friends afterwards that they need to check it out. Seek this film out.

8.5 out of 10