Movie Review-Dead Genesis


Dead Genesis is the debut from director Reese Eveneshen and for around two years I have heard a lot of things said about this film, from the one or two positive to the thirty or more negative, and after watching this film I am sort of on both sides of the coin on this one. This film requires patience; it requires you to be into slow storytelling and not to have high expectations. The first ten minutes of this film is sort of false leading, as it goes into some cool kills and a story that seemed to mix humor with gore and a really cool pace. The story is basically your everyday low budget zombie fare, the world is wiped out except for a few people who are left to fend off the zombies and create a new population for future bloggers and filmmakers.

This is another of those shaky cam films that at times the screen will give you a headache because I wish that Reese would have thought about investing in a tripod or maybe someone who is not having a junkie fit to hold the camera. But, all the hip kids are doing that so why not Reese. I think Reese subscribes to the school of thought, if others are doing it and people accept it, why not him. This film seems to take the 9/11 War on Terror concept and just change it to the Undead. Which I feel is a theme that I noticed last night in the ABC’s of Death, that people are so interested in bringing back up 9/11 and try to twist it into a horror realm, which let’s be honest is another cheap ploy to try and get people to think you are some deep thinker and that you put this message on your film to show that horror fans are smart, but I feel while the story is not as bad as it could have been, I am just like this is a horror film, why is your main focus on trying to open up past wounds in a new slant, shouldn’t the focus be on how to utilize zombies and make a better horror film then the ones before you?

There is this team of zombie hunters that the film focuses on who are named? Guess, take a guess what someone would call a gang of zombie hunters in a low budget film with a 9/11 feel to it? Dead Heads, a reporter stumbles upon them and does a long, and I mean long winded documentary about them. While again the story is not bad, it is just so overdone and should have been cut down to just give us a little instead of using a lot to hide the fact that you are trying to pull off a film you clearly are under budget to pull off. The zombie stuff this film offers is really decent and may be worth some of you Walking Dead fans to pop a few bucks to see it, but unlike that show, the characters in this film are trying so hard to get you to invest your time in them, but you get way too much dialogue, well hold on the better thing to say would be you get too much sizzle and not enough steak. Emily Alatalo from Post-Lifers stars in this film and I just think the woman has such star appeal and that if Hollywood even seen her on the screen, she would quickly be in a tv show, but even she cannot make this film spark and be more than a great concept that could not be realized.

I hate to attack this film, because I know this film tried so hard to hide its flaws and show off its positives, but to me this film is a hard film to finish watching, especially after the 20 minute mark when they start with this documentary part of this film with the shaky cam feel and the long drawn out story mode it goes into it is a bit too much. But, while I may be so judgmental on the storytelling, there is no denying that there are many good concepts and ideas that are briefly on display and if you get thru some of the boring dialogue that there is some cool kills and a little humor that seems to work almost.

5 out of 10