Movie Review-Bully


This week Bully finally arrives on dvd and blu ray. While there was so much controversy about the rating of this film, because some people thought this subject matter was too harsh for kids that I felt not enough controversy was spent on the subject matter of the film. I always thought in life, that if someone in the White House or any form of government had a child in the public school system that was bullied so badly they would commit suicide that there would be a law passed immediately the next morning, and the kids responsible for the act would be prisoned like adults. I mean, bullying has been around for longer than I have and it always seems to get worst as each generation goes thru it. I mean, how many of us when we were ten, eleven or even twelve thought life was so bad and it would never get better to go and kill ourselves? In Bully, there is only one bully that is ever brought into light and the scene had a teacher who clearly has no clue in life who makes the two kids shake hands, and then jumps on the one who was being bullied on that his handshake did not look sincere, and he cries to her about what happens to him every day and she is almost treating it like it is not the other kid’s fault that it is his fault. “Well why you didn’t just stay away from him”. This is the mentality of today’s school teachers, just to turn a blind eye and assume that kids will just be kids, you know boys will be boys. What is even worse than the today’s teachers, is today’s bus drivers as this film also shows a bus driver who lets the kids on the bus act like it’s a zoo and sits there and lets a kid get beat up, stabbed with pencils and does nothing about it.

This film sends a clear message to us that parents really have no idea what is happening when they are leaving the care of their kids in the hands of the school system. This film follows the stories of many bullied children from Mississippi to Oklahoma and then Georgia. It also tells about two kids who were bullied so badly that they took their own lives, because they just felt it would never stop and there was no end to it, and that their parents were clueless to their situation at school, and on the bus. To me, I will not blame the parents I understand coming from parents who had no time for us, because both were working all the time to make sure me, my brother and sister were fed, had a roof and clothes, that my parents were working 15 to 20 hour days. I blame the school administration and most of all the teachers. This film focuses so much on the bullied and their families, I would have loved for it to show the bullies themselves and what kind of family they have, and what they tell their parents when they come from school. I always felt that bullying was a behavior that is part of a cycle, their parents treated them bad so they take it out on others that are weak and helpless to them.

Film is supposed to be an escape into fantasy, into genre, a chance to sit back and be entertained. Bully is reality right on your lap as to what is going on and how many people are affected by it. There is no way unless you have no heart you cannot sit there and not feel sympathy for these kids and their stories, or watching a father talk about what led his son to suicide. This film acts like there is no solution for bullying that as long as there is difference we can never get along. I think it is time for teachers and the school board to stop worrying about the prayers said in school and concentrate on telling these kids, that difference is ok, that being different and strange is fine. That race, gender or sexual orientation should never make you feel hate or the need to beat up someone. In America today, even the churches preach hate and disguise it as love. Religion accepts you, but does not accept you. There was a scene in this film that involved a lesbian who said she wanted to go to church and pray and she was not accepted. So, if the house of the lord does not accept you and they pass judgment, what can the school board do to help a young girl who just wants to live her life and not harm anyone, but so happens to like other girls and just wants the same education a straight person gets?

This film is a must watch for anyone with kids in school. Sit there and let them talk to you during the film about what goes on at their school, then you will know whether you should panic or not. It is time for hate to end.

9 out of 10