Movie Review-Bloody Flesh


For the first time on dvd courtesy of One 7 Movies, this 1983 film centers on a naïve and innocent American girl who is looking to live life to its fullest and take advantage of any experience and thrill she can seek, but she may be getting more than she is asking for. This is directed by Colombian Filmmaker Carlos Mayolo, and I have to be honest what I was expecting on the dvd sleeve and what I got when I watched this film were night and day. The cover of the film as you can see has a bloody girl in a wedding dress and gives us a tagline in the trailer that the only thing she is craving is blood or something like that, even when I read the back synopsis I was not sure about what this film was about. The film quality and sound is not the best, but the film itself is an utter confusing mess. This film seems to have a political feel to it, like the director was trying to make a statement with this slow film. The pacing of this film is unreal slow and then you have to follow the subtitles it got a bit too much towards the middle, but I had to see how this film played out. This film is one of those atmospheric horror films that probably spoke to people like Ti West growing up, that you have to really be a patient person to get thru this film.

The film has some positives to it, I did like the location and the look of the film, if the script was stronger and the story did not have such bad pacing issues, this film would have worked so much better. I did like the characters somewhat and I loved the premise of the film, I just felt that this film tried so hard to be taken serious, and it was utter ridiculous instead. I am glad they finally released it I guess; I mean I was not holding out for it and did not even know it existed, but I am glad I did get to see it at least.

4 out of 10