Movie Review-Bath Salt Zombies


Coming out Tuesday

Leave it to the indie horror genre to take the bath salt story and make a film out of this situation. Dustin Mills who is making a name for himself with low budget over the top insane horror films is back with this tale of New York City being the new mecca for drug dealers selling bath salts to junkies. Well, to try and outdo a rival group called The Dragons who seem to be running the market, a drug seller named Bubbles gets help from a young chemist to develop a new Bath Salt cigarette that is created from an even stronger strand of Bath Salts. Well, enter Ritchie who is a down on his luck junkie who is out to get a fix anyway possible, and one day Bubbles turns him onto these new cigarettes, and the effects put you into a zombie state where you just lose your mind and kill anyone. While all this is going on, Agent Forester is trying to clean New York of all Bath Salts and he is on a crusade to wipe out the Dragons and Bubbles.

If you are familiar with Dustin Mills, then you know what to expect with this film. If not, I will say right now the man has no bounds, and I feel what Kevin Smith did for comedy in 1994, Dustin is doing for low budget horror in this day and time. The man has no filter to his creativity and it seems that his actors and actresses have total faith in him that they would be willing to do anything to get a scene over. The last film I saw from him and the crew Zombie A-Hole shared this same devil may care spirit and attitude, and that he has become such a pro at hiding the negatives and focusing on the positives. The film starts off with a little cartoon story for about 4 minutes that was hilarious and also sets you up with the humor that Dustin’s films all knows best, dark and demented lowest common denominator humor, which for me is always good I know it will be off the wall insanity and what low will you stoop to entertain me.

The zombie stuff in the film is pretty fun, I mean they use a lot of low budget effects that I did not mind at all, and found that the film in even its gross out moments had a comic flavor to it, that you felt they were winking at you. With a Dustin Mills film I always feel he is looking out for the fan boys and he tries to keep you guys off the boards bitching about him and the films, so what he lacked in one area, he gave you in others and also what do most fan boys want, blood and nudity and those he did not let you guys down on. The film at times is slow moving, but the kill scenes like when Ritchie and some friends get some Bath Salt Cigarettes in them and they go to a club and go on a killing orgy really deliver. The script was a good concept, I mean with the news of Bath Salts you knew someone had to do it, so why not Clint Weiler and Dustin Mills?

As far as the whole film goes, this was fun for the most part at what it was, but you have to listen to the director commentary because you have Dustin and his partner in crime Brandon Salkil (who plays Ritchie along with 30 other people in the film). Those two seem to have this chemistry when they talk about the film, that you appreciate the film even more. To me, I am just a huge fan of what Dustin does and I am sad that I missed Night of the Tentacles, but I really had fun with Bath Salt Zombies and think that this was really a very fun film that you can tell the people behind the scenes had just as much making it as you will when you watch it.

7.5 out of 10