Movie Review-Alex Cross


Alex Cross is a character a lot of us are familiar with; Morgan Freeman played him in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. Well 12 years later Alex Cross is back this time played by Tyler Perry. Yes, the same guy who is responsible for the Madea films. Alex Cross is supposedly a brilliant detective almost in a Sherlock Holmes style if James Patterson would have wrote those novels. This film is supposed to be the crossover film for comedy actor Perry for audiences to take him serious as an action and drama star. Perry tries his best, but let’s be honest for anyone who is a fan of the previous two films, you just cannot replace Morgan with Perry and expect people to take it seriously. But give Perry credit he does try as he plays Cross who is basically a police detective who can just walk on the scene of a brutal mass killing and within seconds explain the killer’s motives, nature and his traits. The serial killer this time is played by almost an unrecognizable Matthew Fox who really shines as the nicknamed Picasso. We find out as the film gets going that Fox’s character is a genius at figuring out how to get to people who are almost untouchable. Fate would have Alex and his team come face to face with Picasso when a hit goes wrong, and now not only does Picasso want to kill the target but also out to get Alex and his team as well.

The film tries to give us the thrills and tense moments like Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider, but the film just feels like it is trying so hard to make Tyler Perry that I wish it would have focused on more of the supporting cast as well. Cross’s partner is played by Edward Burns who really does not get much to work with here. There is a scene in the film where their partner and Edward’s love interest is killed, and it is just a fleeting thought that no one got emotional over, I mean Edward was going to quit his job for her love and he gets no emotion when she is killed. But, when Alex’s wife is killed while she is pregnant of course, the film seems to hit this somber and sad mood that really I am not sure who in the cast had the range to pull off the emotion to make us believe it. There are so many name stars in this film that it is sad, they seemed overshadowed by Tyler’s character which to me cannot even compare to Fox’s performance. Fox is the ultimate bad guy and he is just so sinister that you wish he really had more to play off of. And this film is shot in Detroit, I myself never been to Michigan but why do some of the buildings and exteriors show Cleveland? I liked enough of Alex Cross to mildly recommend it, but this film is clearly proof that not every actor is ready to take over Morgan Freeman’s bread and butter roles.

7 out of 10