Metal Review: Vreid – Welcome Farewell (2013)

Vreid - Welcome Farewell (2013)Norwegian powerhouse black metal (sometimes also referred to as a black & roll band) Vreid is back with their latest effort “Welcome Farewell,” and with their return, I can get excited again. Vreid has seemingly followed me around since the inception of Wicked Channel. Their album was one of my first reviews on this site and they seem to be the band that I have reviewed the most on here. Thankfully, I think that they absolutely rock, so I have no issues with that.

With “Welcome Farewell,” is seems like Vreid is doing more of the same, which is to say that they are being different. Their sound is impossible to pin down. They have elements of black metal, death metal, thrash metal, rock & roll, etc. They are all over the place, but not in a chaotic manner in any way.

The album opens with The Ramble, which has such a rock feel to it with its groovy riffs, while songs like Way of the Serpent show their black metal roots with its droning and atmospheric sounds. The Devil’s Hand is a half rock – half thrash mix that just works well together. These are just the first three songs on the album and their sound is already all over the place (on a good way).

Overall, “Welcome Farewell” is a welcome mix of music from a band that seems to keep getting better with each release. I can never seem to get enough of their albums, and it feels like “Welcome Farewell” has the potential to be their best work to date. “Welcome Farewell” has a release date of February 22, 2013 in Europe and March 5, 2013 in the U.S .through Indie Recordings.

Welcome Farewell Track Listing:
1. The Ramble
2. Way of the Serpent
3. The Devil’s Hand
4. Welcome Farewell
5. The Reap
6. Sights Of Old
7. Black Waves
8. At The Brook

Vreid Line-up:
Hváll – Bass
Steingrim – Drums
Sture Dingsøyr – Vocals, Guitars
Strom – Guitars