Metal Review: Victor Griffin’s In-Graved – Victor Griffin’s In-Graved (2013)

Victor Griffin's In-Graved - Victor Griffin's In-Graved Led by former PENTAGRAM guitarist, Victor Griffin, IN-GRAVED is a supergroup of sorts which draws inspiration from varied sources including the legendary doom metal band PENTAGRAM. Some of the others members of the band have been pulled from projects including TROUBLE, ACID KING, PLACE OF SKULLS and more.

The CD was recorded at Lakeside Studios in Knoxville, Tennessee with producers Travis Wyrick and Griffin. Engineers are Wyrick and Mike Dearing with cover art created by Roadburn’s Richard Schouten (PLACE OF SKULLS, MASSACRE).

As you would expect, the sound is muddy and heavy. What you may not expect is that it is pretty melodic as well. Victor Griffin does a serviceable job on vocals, but the riffs and melodies are what make VICTOR GRIFFIN’S IN-GRAVED something special. Songs like Love Song For the Dying is a surprising standout to me because of a multitude of reason, but the majority of them are the melodies using throughout.

Their cover of Jethro Tull’s Teacher is epic. It is such an underrated track from a truly underrated band that come off as more of a gimmick band than a true band in today’s younger music fans. The riffs fall right into line with what IN-GRAVED is doing throughout the album.

Oddly enough, not all of the tracks are depressing. There are a bunch of straight rockers in here including Never Surrender.

Victor Griffin’s In-Graved Track Listing:
1. Digital Critic
2. What If…
3. Late For an Early Grave
4. Fading Flower
5. Thorn in the Flesh
6. Teacher
7. Love Song For the Dying
8. Never Surrender

Victor Griffin’s In-Graved Touring Line-up:
* Victor Griffin (DEATH ROW, PENTAGRAM, PLACE OF SKULLS) – Guitar/Vocals
* Pete Campbell (60 WATT SHAMAN, PLACE OF SKULLS) – Drums
* Jeff “Oly” Olson (TROUBLE, RETRO GRAVE)