Metal Review: Tsjuder: Desert Northern Hell (2013)

Tsjuder Desert Northern Hell (2013)Norwegian black metal is a genre that better never die. If it did, I am not sure how I would cope with it. Thankfully, we still have bands like Tsjuder that want to add to the legacy of some of the best black metal out there. With Tsjuder’s release of “Desert Northern Hell,” we are reminded that there are bands out there that simply exist to kick our asses, and from the very first second of Malignant Coronation to the very last second of Morbid Lust, “Desert Northern Hell” puts its foot down your throat and makes you beg for remorse, none of which it will give.

The album opens with the aforementioned Malignant Coronation, which is just over three minutes long, but includes tempo changes that drop on a dime, but make perfect sense. The track is unrelenting from start to stop and is there to beat you to the ground. Believe it or not though, it is not even the most punishing song on the album. Songs like Ghoul introduce even more ferocity.

From track to track, Tsjuder just brings it. The riffs are at the forefront of every song and they even through some grooves in there for good measure. Draugluin’s guitar work is very impressive throughout and AntiChristian shows that he is no slouch on drums. Nag’s vocals are up to the challenge as well. All band members seem to share the spotlight in turn on this album with blastbeats-a-plenty and endless guitar riffs. There is never a boring moment in here, nor is there any wasted effort.

Honestly, “Desert Northern Hell” is already my favorite album of the year and I welcome all albums that want to snatch that spot for it will be a hard one to take.

Desert Northern Hell Track Listing:
1. Malignant Coronation
2. Ghoul
3. Possessed
4. Lord of Swords
5. Helvete
6. Mouth of Madness
7. Unholy Paragon
8. Sacrifice (Bathory cover)
9. Morbid Lust

Tsjuder Line-up:
Nag – Vocals, Bass
Draugluin – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
AntiChristian – Drums