Metal Review: Terminate – Ascending to Red Heavens (2013)

Terminate - Ascending to Red Heavens (2013)Illinois-based death metal squad Terminate come at you with their debut effort “Ascending to Red Heavens,” which takes influences from death metal veterans Bolt Thrower, Dismember, Grave and Entombed among other classic death metal bands. Their sound is very gritty and sticks to classic death metal tones pretty much throughout the length of “Ascending to Red Heavens.”

Terminate consists of death metal veterans from the Chicago and New York scene, so when you wonder how a debut effort could be so fulfilling, that pretty much explains it. They are also making quite a name for themselves in the underground scene, and hopefully soon, everywhere else.

You can probably tell from the song titles that this band bring is heavy and you would not be wrong. Songs like Rotten Dead Mass do not waste much time getting to the point and even include some classic Slayer-style lead sections. The Savage Silence is another track that never seems to relent with its pressure.

The downside to this album is that we have heard a lot of what they are doing plenty of times before, but that should not take away from what Terminate is doing with “Ascending to Red Heavens.” It is a solid effort which should be noted as such.

Ascending to Red Heavens Track Listing:
1. Answered in Lead
2. Demonic Instinct
3. Numb
4. Rotten Dead Mass
5. The Savage Silence
6. Chainsaw Omega
7. Ascending to Red Heavens
8. Blind Leading the Blind
9. Iron Supremacy

Terminate Line-up:
Jim Smith – Drums
John Porada – Guitars, Vocals
Alfred Mulle – Bass
Tom Cardella – Guitars