Metal Review: Ruins – Place of no Pity (2012)

Ruins - Place of no Pity (2012)Tasmania is not exactly the birthplace of black metal, but that does not mean that Tasmanian band Ruins cannot offer some good black metal to the scene. That is exactly what Ruins does with their fourth full-length release “Place of no Pity.”

From the outset of the album, you get the feel that you would expect from a black metal release. Inhabit the Twilight hits you directly in the forehead with its no-nonsense approach and blastbeats-a-plenty. The opening track sets the table for what we have come to know Ruins for – a very simplistic black metal band. That is in no way a knock on the band at all. Sometimes, you just need something simple devoid of too much complexity. Ruins has been there for that.

The second track, A Lesson in Ruthlessness, gives us a little groove with our main course, and I appreciate it for that. I love groove metal for the simple reason that it is groove-based. A Lesson in Ruthlessness gives us quite a few nice groovy riffs. The obvious reference here would be that they sound like a more recent Satyricon, and that is very fine with me. Satyricon rules.

Let Them Perish has a great bass tone and an amazing groove to it as well. While the groove riffs are not prevalent on this release, you can find some decent riffs scattered throughout.

The easy standout to the album is not a particular song though. It would be the technical drumming of Dave Hayley, drummer for Australian technical death metal band Psycroptic (among other projects).

While “Place of no Pity” seems overly-simplistice at times, it is a release that should be checked out by black metal fans who are not afraid to listen to something a little outside of the norm. At times, Ruins does set a nice atmosphere, but “Place of no Pity” is by no means an atmospheric black metal album.

Place of no Pity Track Listing:
1. Inhabit the Twilight
2. A Lesson in Ruthlessness
3. Death Lends the Ultimate Touch
4. Winters Will
5. Place of no Pity
6. Desolation
7. Let Them Perish
8. Oath
9. Merciless