Metal Review: Orange Goblin: A Eulogy For the Fans – Orange Goblin Live 2012 (2013)

Orange Goblin A Eulogy For the Fans - Orange Goblin Live 2012 (2013)Orange Goblin have been veterans of the metal genre since 1995 who have focused their talents on stoner metal for the majority of their careers. “A Eulogy For the Fans – Orange Goblin Live 2012” is the output of their performance on August 11, 2012 at the Bloodstock Open Air Festival in the UK. The performance is just short of 60 minutes, so it is a nice sampling of their seven studio albums. It is just hard to believe that this is the bands first live album in their 18 year existence.

The live album opens with some tracks from 2012’s “A Eulogy For the Damned,” which was a nice release itself. The Filthy & the Few did seem to have a nice anthemic feel to it, and it is showcased on this live rendition of it. The third track, Ballad of Solomon Eagle, is one of my favorite Orange Goblin track and is represented nicely here as well.

Overall, you know what you are getting into with their sound. The songs are very groove oriented and seem to flow nicely for the most part. With this live recording, Orange Goblin got out a nice sampling of their songs. The vocals are a little weak at times, but that is the way on all of their live performances. While this is not going to come anywhere near my favorite live albums, I know that I will be listening to it every once in a while. It is pretty solid.

A Eulogy For the Fans – Orange Goblin Live 2012 Track Listing:
1. Red Tide Rising
2. The Filthy & the Few
3. Ballad of Solomon Eagle
4. Time Travelling Blues
5. Some You Win, Some You Lose
6. The Fog
7. Round Up the Horses
8. Acid Trial
9. They Come Back
10. Blue Snow
11. Quincy the Pigboy
12. Scorpionica