Metal Review: Deathchain: Ritual Death Metal (2013)

Deathchain Ritual Death Metal (2013)Finnish extreme metal act Deathchain is hitting us with their sixth full-length release, “Ritual Death Metal,” on April 5, 2013 through Svart Records. As per the norm with Deathchain, the use of the word “death” or “dead” has been included in the title. It has been three years since the release of “Death Gods,” and Deathchain has not lost their edge in any way. As you would expect from Deathchain’s previous work, “Ritual Death Metal” is simply heavy as hell and hammers through your chest with no remorse.

Deathchain is ever-evolving and genre-bending making full use of all forms of extreme metal from the blackened undertones of King Pazuzu to the doom and thrash undertones of Like Worms Upon the Lands. By the way, both of those songs are intense and brilliant with Like Worms Upon the Lands being one of their most dynamic songs to date.

I would sit here and pick all of the standouts on this album, but there is really not a weak moment, so listen to the full album and enjoy is face-melting heaviness and its beautiful elements with the clean tones. The album is all over the place, but worth every second of it.

Deathchain: Ritual Death Metal Track Listing:
1. Voice of Sharur
2. Stele of the Vultures
3. Seven Asakku Shadows
4. Our Lady Under the Earth
5. King Pazuzu
6. Like Worms Upon the Lands
7. Tiamat’s Eyes Of Death
8. Abzu Doom