Metal Review: Cerekloth – In The Midst of Life We Are in Death (2013)

Cerekloth - In The Midst of Life We Are in Death (2013)Danish band Cerekloth’s upcoming release, “In The Midst of Life We Are in Death,” will hit shelves on April 16, 2013, so be ready. Formed in 2008 in Denmark, Cerekloth have two short releases behind them – 2008’s “Pandemonium Prayers” and 2011’s “Halo of Syringes,” both released on 7″ vinyl by Hells Headbangers. “In The Midst of Life We Are in Death” marks the quintet’s debut full-length release and there is a lot to be excited about.

Cerekloth is starting to become a hot topic in the underground death metal scene and rightfully so. What they are doing on their debut is impressive. The album begins with Praeludium/Born of the Void, which is nearly eight minutes of a sonic assault filled with melodic elements, but focusing on the dark and the heavy. The guitar tone is impressive and the riffs are spot on.

Listening to “In The Midst of Life We Are in Death,” I hear influences from Death and from Slayer leaning more on the Death side of things. They are semi-technical, but slow and brooding with a riff-driven mentality. Songs like Within the Hollow Crown have such a nice atmosphere to them, which is not something said too often about death metal bands.

As the album moves on, we hear more elements to their music and have a very fulfilling album. As is I did not already have you sold when I said Danish death metal, you should be sold now. I have a feeling that we will be talking about Cerekloth a lot in the coming years and being major players in the genres.

In The Midst of Life We Are in Death Track Listing:
1. Praeludium
2. Born of the Void
3. Within the Hollow Crown
4. Halo of Syringes
5. Nest of Disease
6. Mesmerizing Holy Death
7. When Outcast Become Kings
8. The Reapers Instant is Our Eternity

Cerekloth Line-up:
Jens Bendtsen Pedersen – Lead Vocals
Allan Brejner Larsen – Guitars
Morten Adsersen – Guitars
Nis Rode Larsen – Drums
Martin Leth Andersen – Bass & Vocals