DVD Review-MLB Superstars: Impact Players


Review-Clocking in at a little over 60 minutes this is basically a group of players that are perceived by general manager’s as 25-man dream team. The first complaint I have while I do not agree with some of the picks is that this is far too short for any kind of complete history or even perspective on who’s who today in baseball. While, MLB productions have won an Oscar in the past, I just feel that this is way too short and I wish would have lasted a little longer. While the storytelling in this hour with the perspective it gives us was good, it could have been so much better especially for baseball fans. This documentary took place at the start of Spring Training before the 2013 season, and if you are not a fan or out of the loop with baseball today and what players are really making names for themselves, this may be cliff notes for you to get some help with the sport.

To me, while me and my wife have season passes to the college baseball games, the pros just seem to me to have lost its passion and that everyone is out to make as much money as they can as fast as they can, and that the true heart of baseball is in college games to me.
The players who are on top today and I am talking about the Matt Kemp’s, Robinson Cano and etc. have really worked hard but to me they just seem to lack the passion of a Johnny Bench, Pete Rose and the yesteryear heroes. This documentary was for the most part seemed to go too fast and really only touched the surface that I wish it would have got more deep into each player and gave them more of a chance to shine with a personality or more career highlights so far. Today’s sport heroes and I will blame TMZ for a little of this, but seemed to like to attract trouble, flaunt their wealth or just do odd things to get attention and really their off season or after game routine gets them more notice then anything they do to help their sports.

For a baseball fan, I would say buy this just to give them a present before the season kicks off or give them an argument piece if they do not agree with the picks. For me, it was ok but it really just touches the surface of something I wish was more in depth.

7 out of 10