DVD Review-Animaniacs Vol. 4


Animanaics Vol. 4 is finally out and I have to admit I am stoked. Let’s be honest, most of us have children, or loved ones who are small, as well as all of us being a kid once in life. For me, if it was not Chuck Jones, it was Tex Avery and their style of cartoons every day in my little days. To me, when I started to grow up I was still into cartoons of the past, but nothing that was new at the time caught my attention until Animanaics which I stumbled unto almost by mistake. Animaniacs spawned from a show called Tiny Toon Adventures; I guess the popularity of that show by a young and older demographic told Spielberg and Warner Bros all they wanted to know. There is no doubt in my mind when writing this show and creating these characters that there was such a freedom as to having no limitations of human actors or having rules and creating any story they can conceive and market it to a excited audience. Dave Finkel and Wendell Morris are masters of just old school inspired cartoon comedy and fun. The cartoons do not come across as just mindless humor, but they are very good short stories that give you comic scenarios in a cartoon mind frame.

To me Animaniacs in some odd way comes across like a Saturday Night Live inspired show for kids, it mixes yesterday’s wit and slapstick with today’s fondness for pop culture references. I know people have referred to this with such terms as “groundbreaking” and “refreshing”, and I am aboard with those words as well. I really enjoy the Warner Siblings and to see what trouble the trio could get into. From Yakko who is smooth and is shady with the way he talks, Wakko who is the insane brother and Dot the little sister who is a drama queen but has charm and personality to woo the little girls to aspire to try and be like her when they grow up. The negative to this dvd is easy, this is the last volume. I mean we still have the Wakko Wish film if they ever convert it from VHS. To me cartoons have made such strides since the early days when the cartoon preceded the feature film on Saturday, when the audience would cheer and smile to hear the Merrie Melodies or Looney Tunes theme and know it just had a fun day at the theater. Compared to what you get at the movie house today, those days are so sadly missed. Today, you get 30 minutes of ads and trailers mixed together. While the cartoon was always a gesture of thanks from movie theater managers to their guests, today what you get in theaters is just pure greed at its core. I am glad in this lifetime, I got to see Chuck Jones get his stuff on blu ray and come out amazing, and that Animaniacs got a proper dvd release. While Animaniacs at times does bend some rules and gets a little suggestive, I think this is still a safe bet for both families and little kids alone to have fun and enjoy. If you are a parent, and you own Pinky and the Brain you already know all about this, if not you may want to. And the cool thing in closing, this is not just for kids it has something for everyone to enjoy.

10 out of 10