Davey Suicide | Davey Suicide Review

Davey Suicide - Davey SuicideFinally, we get a full glimpse into the mind of Davey Suicide. His recent EP was very solid and left me wanting so much more, and now with his debut effort simply titled “Davey Suicide,” we get just that. I am not sold on how their publicist wants to sell the man or the band. To me, the descriptions are pretty lame and is doing nothing but harm. The real value to everyone should be the music. Unfortunately, that is not always the case in society, but ultimately, that is what matters the most.

Davey Suicide is blessed with a great metal voice that sounds great clean and distorted. In this genre of industrial metal, we have the distorted voices at times to give it the more mechanical feel. He sounds great going both ways and has a perfect balance with the band’s sound.

On to “Davey Suicide” iself, we have one hell of a solid album. Davey Suicide has just expanded from the EP and made something really special here. After the obligatory intro track to the album, we get Generation Fuck Star, which we should all be familiar with at this point. It is still a solid song, so I listen to it every time around anyway. After that, we get some really good tracks that are somewhat diverse and just plain rocking.

Songs like Sick Suicide and Hustler Queen are just plain fun. There is not a better word to describe these songs. They are sleaze metal and industrial metal all wrapped up in one. They are heavy when they need to be and they are extremely catchy, but catchiness is something that we could say about most tracks on this album.

There are also melodic pieces like One More Night that are quite the change of pace. I was not expecting that one and I really got into the change of pace before getting right back into the fray with one of the familiar tracks Grab a Gun & Hide Your Morals.

Of course, you will always have the obligatory comparison to Marilyn Manson, none of which is more apparent that the beginning of In My Chest is a Grave. At this point, anyone straddling this genre of metal will be compared to Manson at one point or another though.

Overall, the album is way more than I anticipated that it would be, and that is saying a lot because I had high hopes for this one.

Davey Suicide Track Listing:
1. Cross Your Heart
2. Generation Fuck Star
3. Sick Suicide
4. Hustler Queen
5. Uncross Your Legs
6. Unholywood Killafornia
7. In My Chest is a Grave
8. Kids in America
9. One More Night
10. Professor Asshole
11. Grab a Gun & Hide Your Morals
12. Fallacies
13. God Head Killers
14. I’ll Take a Bullet For You

Davey Suicide Line-up:
Davey Suicide (vocals)
Frankie Sil (bass, backup vocals)
Ben Graves (drums)
Eric Grifin (guitars)
Needlz (keyboards, programming, backup vocals)