Cronenberg’s Scanners Coming to Region-free Blu-ray

ScannersDavid Cronenberg’s classic SCANNERS (1981) is coming to Blu-ray on April 8, 2013 from Second Sight Films in a highly collectable limited edition steel book. On the same date, its sequels, SCANNERS II: THE NEW ORDER and SCANNERS III: THE TAKEOVER, both arrive into region-free Blu-ray as well.

SCANNERS is written and directed by Cronenberg and starring Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack, Michael Ironside and Patrick McGoohan. It concerns a scientist who sends a man with extraordinary psychic powers to hunt others like him. The above image of a scanner’s head exploding is one of the most memorable images from the cult-classic that has been a fan favorite since its release.

Here are a few of the new special feature including:
· MY ART KEEPS ME SANE – Interview with star Stephen Lack
· THE EYE OF SCANNERS – Interview with cinematographer Mark Irwin
· THE CHAOS OF SCANNERS – Interview with executive producer Pierre David
· EXPLOPING BRAINS & POPPING VEINS – Interview with makeup effects artist Stephen Dupuis
· BAD GUY DANE – Interview with actor Lawrence Dane