CD Review of Lost Society’s LOUD FAST DEATH

Music Review: The Lost Society

CD: Fast Loud Death

Release: March 15th, 2013 EUROPE

March 19th, 2013 USA

Label: Nuclear Blast GmbH


Lost Society - Fast Loud Death - ArtworkAh Lost Society…what a refreshing punch in the face you are!   Here my friends you will find a good old fashioned dose of thrash metal with some modern day and some old school in your face aggression and passion.

This four piece band formed in 2010 in Jyväskylä, Finland have members whose musical passions lie in the speed/thrash metal genres of metal and boy does it show on this album.  Every track on here has got that crunch, crunch sound with only maybe two tracks with a mid-pace.  The vocals are growly but still understandable and songs are pure aggression and force.

As I listen to the album I’m reminded of bands like Testament but more of how early Metallica showed passion and had the driving sound in their music.  However, Lost Society is the band Metallica wishes they could be like now.  This band has all the elements in terms of sound, aggression and attitude to have a successful career in the metal community.  Though songs like ‘Piss Out My Ass’ and ‘Bitch Out’ My Way’ might leave some more ‘sophisticated’ listeners appalled or scratching their head any worthwhile metalhead should eat this CD up with their daily dose of rusty nails and cup of Fuck Off coffee in the morning.

Do I have any quirks with the album?  One…and it’s a subjective thing.  I just would have liked some of the song topics were a bit different.  For me personally, I like songs about mythology or horror more than songs about pissing out of my butt hole.  I also understand the humour in metal too, so to each his own.

Fast Loud Death in no way disappoints with its great thrash guitar work from Arttu Lesonen and the bombastic drums and bass of Ossi Paananen and Mirko Lehtinen, all complimented with the ‘Get out of my way or die!’ Venom like vocals of Samy Elbanna.  And all of this from kids under the age of 20.

I am really looking forward to what future offerings from Lost Society will bring, especially with their song writing, because much is already in place for the band to succeed with their talent and the support of a good label, like Nuclear Blast, which can take them far.

Take notes Metallica, you can only dream of having 1/10th of the energy and passion these guys have now.

Rating: 4.0/5

Line Up:

Line up:
Samy Elbanna | vocals, guitar
Arttu Lesonen | guitar
Mirko Lehtinen | bass
Ossi Paananen | drums



1. N.W.L 2:22

2. Trash All Over You 3:41

3. E.A.G 2:20

4. KILL (Those Who Oppose Me) 2:17

5. Bitch, Out’ My Way 4:02

6. Fast Loud Death 3:26

7. Lead Through The Head 3:13

8. Diary Of A Thrashman 2:42

9. Toxic Avenger 1:08

10. This Is Me 2:43

11. Braindead Metalhead 3:27

12. Piss Out My Ass 2:00

13. Fatal Anoxia 2:27