Book Review-American Guignol – David C. Hayes


David C. Hayes a lot of you guys may know from such independent films such as Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, Frankenstein Syndrome, Crack Whore, and so many others. Also, he has been a part of the Abnormal Entertainment crew since its beginning, often posting reviews on the main site Cinema Head Cheese or joining Jeff Dolniak and Kevin Moyers on their podcast to lead to that insanity that is the genius and beauty of what these guys do. Dave as we have found out in recent months has been talking about Blood Bound Books, and also we found out that not only can the man act, try to be funny on a podcast but it seems he has written a book. So, my wife who is the reader of the family broke out her Nook and decided to see what this book is all about, here is her review of David C. Hayes book American Guignol.

American Guignol Review-Melissa DePaolo

David C. Hayes’ American Guignol is a collection of 20 short horror stories and plays. The name is based on a theater in Paris well known for its explicitly violent plays combined with odd bits of comedy thrown in to lighten the mood. David pays homage to “The Theatre du Grand-Guignol” quite well with this anthology.

Within this book, David takes you on a journey that involves stomach vaginas, vengeance, fetus zombies, and swamp hillbillies. It does a fairly good job of walking the lines between thought-provoking horror, snarky comedy, and gut-wrenching tragedy. Some of the highlights include “Trevor and the Box of 64”, “I Am Going To Kill Me”, “’neath”, and “Oh, Holy Night”.

The prevailing theme of many of these stories seems to be justice in many forms including for the fearful, lonely, and innocent. The justice itself takes many forms, none of which I’ll discuss because I do not want to give away anything. However, not every story deals with justice. Some twist ideas involving signs of fate, ideas about historical figures J. Edgar Hoover and J.F.K, and even touches on the legend of Wenceslas.

Overall, this book is definitely worth a read and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys horror, gore, or has a perverse sense of justice. Every story is compelling and enjoyable. Definitely pick this one up.