Blood Was Everywhere


Every once in a while an original independent horror film comes along and completely takes me by surprise. It’s usually neglected by festivals and horror fans for not following the simple formula we have all come to love or even hate. I actually have a love/hate relationship with that recycled formula. This modern day slasher gives a big FUCK YOU to the rules and conformity. Director Jason Torrey’s plan was to cater to those who don’t typically like horror films and it worked…. For the most part. It takes the cliches in horror films and puts them to good use. It’s subtle so many of you will never notice. Initially, Torrey wanted the project to be a modified Friday the 13th. Thank God someone decided to remake Friday the 13th and Torrey backed out because this result is much more gratifying. Like we really need another Friday the 13th anyway. I honestly thought that franchise should have stopped after part 2. Speaking of Friday the 13th, this is the first film to feature Friday the 13th part 3 actor, Paul Kratka, since he had gotten his eyes squeezed out by Jason Voorhees.

The film is set in a small Massachusetts town where several related characters come together and fall victim to an unknown killer. What makes this mysterious killer so special is that we never really get to see his face. We do not know why he is doing this. Much like Black Christmas, it’s all a mystery which is more effective than a back story of how he was raped by his Uncle. The killer doesn’t technically wear a mask but he hides behind the stolen jeep. The jeep is his mask. It’s also a lot like an acrobat routine. There are so many flip flops, turns, and course changing that even Quentin Tarantino would get dizzy.

The acting is about 50/50. I found half of the performances to be spot on and the other half to be quite poor.  Even the dialogue and special effects are pleasing. The sound could have been better but what do you expect from low-budget filmmakers?  Larry Holden (Memento, Batman Begins) is without a doubt the most talented actor in the film. He agreed to star in the film without reading a script after the producer’s convincing conversation. Unfortunately, Larry passed away in 2011. That cancer, it’s an evil bitch. Vanessa Leigh is gorgeous and did an outstanding job as his girlfriend. I found Ashley Arnold’s performance to be satisfying. She really had me caring for her and that last scene had me at the edge of my seat as I muttered, “Please don’t kill her! Kill her annoying friend instead!” As for Kimberly Simone, it was a little rocky but still good enough for me. I found her character to be far more annoying than her performance.


What I really like about this film, other than originality, was that Torrey was able to make me care about some of these characters. We didn’t know who the killer was going after next and some of my favorites were eventually killed. Character development is important for this very reason. A lot of time was spent on showing how close some of these characters were and how they lived their lives.

The death scenes are quite chilling. Even the ones off screen. You can hear their convincing screams which makes the scenes so powerful. There’s just enough blood to keep gore fans happy. Especially in that throat slitting scene on the toilet that was apparently the hardest to accomplish but only took one take.

So is it perfect? No. Should you see Blood Was Everywhere? Yes. As for the naysayers out there, you people are always bitching that filmmakers need to deliver something fresh, exciting, and original. Where now you have it and you’re not satisfied. You cannot make everyone happy but I have a feeling most of you will be taken with this fine attempt.

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