Wrestling Review-YouShoot-Kevin Nash


The first YouShoot of 2013 and it is Kevin Nash. Sean Oliver and Kayfabe Commentaries does this series of dvds called YouShoot, they take a popular figure from wrestling and put them on the hotseat and they answer the fans questions. I have always sung Oliver’s praises for his quality and willingness to not censor the fans. If you are new to You Shoot, this may not be the one you want to start off with. At 2 discs and clocking in a little short of 2 ½ hours, this shoot dvd was good in parts, questionable in others, and at others you knew Kevin was trying to stay in the good graces of certain people. I am always a fan of a shoot interview where the personality involved in willing to talk and be honest, I just felt at times with this that Kevin Nash was really not so willing or honest, and others he was too willing and way too honest. This double dvd covers his whole history from basketball to military to every wrestling promotion he was ever in.

Kevin Nash as a wrestling figure has always come across almost like a politician. He says the popular thing, and tries to duck out of not burying anyone who may be able to help in the future, but will have his version of a story that may change several times before we find out what the truth truly is. For example, for people who are like me, who are diehard fans of a wrestling show WWE does called The Legends of Wrestling, people may remember the episode that he was explaining the night he took the finger of doom from Hogan in WCW to let Hogan win the belt, when Nash was the WCW booker. He told a story on there about how this was pre planned and that Goldberg would win the title the following week but he got hurt and was out for 8 months. At the time of the show, no one questioned Kevin saying this until now. Kevin was basically called out for this story being false, that Goldberg’s injury happened a year later after the poke of doom. You really in this moment see Kevin squirm as he knows now, that people know he has no issue with basically lying to save his own ass.

There are a few segments on here that I was not so high on, like Kevin Nash teaching us how to score women or help us out with dating. That just was flat; it was neither fun, nor funny. Then, we go to the other segment which was when Kevin was showing us is wine skills. I get Sean Oliver is trying to branch this out to cover more topics, but this just takes away from wrestling and what people want a shoot interview for, a shoot. Though, let’s talk about the highlights. Kevin opens up on a few wrestlers after Sean lets him watch what they been saying about him, and Matt Bourne aka Doink the Clown gets ripped pretty bad, Bob Holly also gets ripped, The Ultimate Warrior gets ripped, Maxx Payne gets ripped, Kevin even opens up about what went down backstage between him and Samoa Joe. Kevin does not really tell us any stories about his days with the KLIQ that we do not know, which was sad but he sure made the ones we do know really funny and sound like we just heard them for the first time.

All the popular segments you guys love You Shoot for are back, Ho Bag, What a Dick, what is in the bag, and Twitter page. I am not sure if Kevin was really in the spirit for Ho Bag, and What a Dick but he sure was in the spirit for the other two. Esp. the story about the Warlord from The Powers of Pain, that story will get a few laughs and some groans. And there is one story on here about X Pac and Kevin that may be very interesting that involves frogs, Jim Cornette and just some bizarre thinking, that when I heard it I had to re-listen just to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. All I can say is X Pac has some issues that may need to be addressed. If you are new to You Shoot, I will say last interview Sunny aka Tammy is definitely the one to start with. Esp. if you are male, single and have a brain in your head, Tammy delivers. Then, you have a few others that are really amazing; I would put Nash in the middle. It was not great, but I am glad I did watch it, but I wish it was so much more and that Kevin would have opened up on certain things and stopped looking out for friends and just shot more from the hip. For the reord, there is a funny as all hell story about John Travolta on the set of The Punisher.

7 out of 10