Wicked Channel Interview-Ashes You Leave Singer Giada Etro


This week’s harassment, oops I meant interview is with new Ashes You Leave singer Giada Etro. Ashes You Leave just released the first record with her singing called The Cure for Happiness. Ashes You Leave while they been around for 18 years, seems to have the same problem a few others bands with female vocalists seems to have with keeping singers, and do not think I let that point go unnoticed. The shock, the woman not only answered the questions but she loved doing it, Giada, welcome to Wicked Channel.

Giada-Hi James, thank you, I’m glad to answer!

1. What was your first music memory that made you want to be in a band?

I started thinking about having a band when I was around 10… But then when I start listening to metal (with Metallica when I was 13) I decided to really realize that, so at 14 years I had my first gigs

2.Before joining this band, were you a fan of their past and knew their music? Also, how did they find you?

I heard something about AYL, but never deepened the listening. And when I joined them, I understood what I was missing! The 1st time I went in contact with AYL, was at a concert in Rijeka, where I met Luka through a
mutual friend. We kept in touch, and a few months later they needed a new singer.

3. If music did not happen for you, what was the backup plan?

MH… Just dentistry, orthodontics in particular

4.Ashes you Leave seems to have a revolving door for singers, like Nightwish and The Gathering. Do you think you are the singer that is going to stick around this time?

Hahaha, I really hope that our friendship and musical relationship will last long and give birth to many great albums. I really found a group of friend in AYL, and serious musicians, with who is really pleasant and profitable to work

5. Also has The Gathering or Nightwish contacted or approached you yet, just in case?

Hahahaha, I’ll be flattered, but Nightwish got the best (yes, Floor Jansen is my favourite!) and The Gathering are a piece of history. Anyway: no, they didn’t!

6. For people not familiar with Ashes you Leave, how would you describe your sound?

For really not familiar people, I say “something like Evanescence”. For metal heads I say “try to mix goth, doom and melodic atmospheres, from violin to growl”. I’m not a good teller


7. Let us be honest, right now there is a huge influx of bands with female lead singers. What separates Ashes you Leave from all the other ones? What do you have to offer that they do not?

Yes. I think that we are pretty different from the huge symphonic parts, choirs, suites and commercial tracks that many female fronted bands propose. Our pieces are straighter to the core. We have real violin and flute players, and we try to highlight them in the pureness of their instruments, and not put beside other orchestra instruments. This is already excellent done by other great bands. We go through other ways and atmospheres, a mix of doom and many other influences that is uncommon to hear in the formula we propose, in my opinion

8.When you play live with this band, do you enjoy playing the other female singers music from the past? Or do you think this band should start fresh with you, and just play that stuff live?

I really like some old tracks (like “Shadow of somebody else’s being”, “Hurt”, “Song of the lost” etc.) so it’s a pleasure for me to sing this pieces of AYL’s history. I thank Dunja, Marina and Tamara for the work they did in the band and their qualities, that are really different the one from the other! This was, actually, a challenge for me: to sing my way tracks from 3 different singers with 3 completely different styles. But this enriched my skills so; it’s good to play old tracks, also for the fans who like them.

9. You are a very attractive woman, does it get to you that magazines and fans may concentrate on your looks more than the music? Do you feel your sex appeal has any bearing in cd sales or ticket sales?

Thank you. I actually don’t think that a good image could attract that huge amount of fans, also because it could be a double blade: is she able to sing/play, or is she just there for marketing? So, everything is to be proven, and nowadays there are many beautiful and good musicians or great singers!

10. Have you had any contact from any previous singers from the band? If so, did they give you any advice?

I meet 2 times Tamara, but we just congratulated for our work and hanged out

11.You know fans and critics are not the easiest people to get along with. Speaking of that, do you listen to and read all the feedback and reviews you get? If so, do you let the bad stuff get to you?

I try to read all, sometimes I agree with “bad” reviews and don’t agree with good ones. If a “bad” review makes me think about something that can be improved, I’m taking the advice and not feeling hurt. If a bad review says actually stupid things, I don’t really care


12. Do you get nervous before going onstage to play? If so, have you ever blacked out or panicked and forgot the lyrics to a song? What does one do when that happens?

Usually I’m excited before concerts, since I was 14 that I sang in bands, so it’s rare for me to get nervous. Sometimes yes, I forget some words, especially on the beginning of songs or verses, because I’
thinking about many things: I have to move, I have to headbang, I have to drink etc.

13.If you could tour with any musician or band alive or dead, who would it be?

I’d really like to tour with Lacuna Coil, I’ve seen many of their concerts and they seemed do me nice and interesting guys. Cristina in particular has always been kind to fans, and this should not be taken for granted, for girls in her position. I also like really much Floor Jansen, she is so nice, full of life, and a good person to talk with! I also had a good impression about Huntress, and they come from California,
I’m really curious about it!

14. Of all the bands you played with, who has been the best to you guys and who has treated you badly? You can dish dirt all you want, we encourage it.

Hahaha, I don’t have enough gigs with AYL and other bands to compare, but I want to greet Tystnaden, a great band from Udine we played with the last gig.

15. We know the males get groupies, do you get groupies? If so, how do you handle it?

Hahaha, for the moment I just got drunk guys, not interesting stuff to handle!

16. You go to a cd signing, ( Giada, these never go good) a fan comes up to you and hands you an illegal burn of your new cd and wants you to sign it. What would you do?

Huhuhu, I don’t know… maybe I’d take a picture together, with him and his cd… I’d also try to make him offer me a couple of beers: added to the cost of the blank cd, he should spend almost the same of an
original cd


17. Same cd signing, this guy is just so stoked been a longtime fan and comes right up to you and says I love your singing Marina. Do you correct him or let him keep on thinking this? (For new fans Marina is their ex vocalist one of them)

I think I’d gently correct him

18.What was the last cd you had to go out first day and buy?

Nevermore “The obsidian conspiracy”. I’m still sad about their split.

19. What is the biggest misconception about being a female vocalist in Ashes You Leave?

Maybe that I listen to hard doom or depressive bands

20.Do you get along with the other females in metal? Any issues with any females you care to talk about?

I never had problems with other girls. I’m always friendly because we are in the minority in metal world, and it’s much better to talk and hang out together, than to compete for stupid things. I fit good also with boys, but I really feel at ease with girls, and I’m extremely happy to be with Marta and Ana in AYL, that are good friends

21.Do you think you are treated fairly like the male members in your band?

I think so, yes, never felt not calculated or anything. No stories about problems, so far

22.We usually do name association, but I wanted to do cd association, you just tell us anything you want about each cd…

A.Lacuna Coil-Shallow Life

Really good cd, after Karmacode, which is an album I still didn’t understand at all


not heard!

C. Ashes you leave-The Cure for Happiness

Buses, recordings, borders, rehearsals and friends


Afternoons with my best friends when we were 13

23. Giada, there is this guy who is mental and claims he looks like Gerard Butler, he tells all the women this, but they claim he looks like John Goodman with a lazy eye, what would you do if someone misrepresented themselves to you, and you met them and it was not even close?

hehehe, I’ll drink to see if when I’m drunk, he looks like Brad Pitt

24.Thank you so much for doing this, this is your chance to promote, plug and tell people what you got coming up. Thank you…

Thank YOU! I’s been a pleasure, a great hug Giada


What an interview, if you like what you just read, go seek this band and the latest cd out. The woman loves doom metal, cites Nevermore as a cd she bought, and she studied dentistry, what else can you guys ask for in a woman? The woman can headbang with you, drink with you then fix your teeth, what else do you need? This time we also got a ton of Floor Jansen love on here. You notice that this is the second lady we interviewed who is relatively new to the metal scene, and they call Nightwish an honor and praise Floor? I know some of you guys want Nightwish on here, or The Gathering. I have asked Silje to come on and talk. Hell, I reached out to Anneke van Giersbergen, they are too busy right now with tours. Nightwish, they also been contacted as well. Tuomas Holopainen, knows he is more than welcome to come on here and talk. Since Tarja will not talk about the past and wants to talk about today which does not interest me, Anette Olzon does have an open invite to come on here to talk about what happened with her time in Nightwish.