Satanic Bloodspraying-At the Mercy of Satan


Track Listing
1.Draining Blood
2.Satanic Skullfuck
4.Necro Dominatrix
5.March The Dead
6.Wrath Of Baal
7.The Day The Earth Stood Still
8.At The Mercy Of Satan

Review-I know in the past that I have criticized bands that sound so familiar and do not have their own style, but sometimes and some bands I think can get away with it better than others. Satanic Bloodspraying is your typical death metal band, nothing different or special from every other death metal band, but you know what this band has the blastbeats, riffs, and a hell inspired vocalist that really deliver just pure and heavy death metal, that it seems like they are paying homage more than copying but the argument can be made that they may seem to pay a ton of homage. While the running time of this cd is 26 minutes the songs are fast and to the point, with the guitars set to crush and the vocals and drums set to annihilate. This is where the main issue with me lies with loving this cd more than I did, the songs had really no dynamics to them and at times it sounded like a demo or rehearsal more than an actual release.

The opening track Draining Blood starts off with this fury and vocal scream that seems more like a warning of what is coming then an actual song. This is just a supercharged hyper in your face black metal almost set to a hardcore punk vibe. Where it seems the songs end while they are still going, like it was not meant to end at that point. This band to me still has more growth and depth they need to really be a force to be reckoned with but for what this cd offers it was not that bad, and I actually found myself listening to certain songs over and over, because I could not get them out of my head during the writing of this review. The sound is full on and clear and does not sound muddled, I bet this cd captures the live vibe of this band to a tee.

The shock to me is that this band kept up the ferocity and power thru the whole 8 songs, and that there was really not one song on here that I would not recommend listening to one time to see if this band is your cup of tea. While the complaints I made earlier are pretty crystal clear, the band still deserves a lot of credit for just giving us a loud beast of a record that may convert new school fans to old school death metal like Venom and etc. I am going to give this a pretty high ranking because I just see myself listening to this cd more and more in the upcoming weeks.

8 out of 10