Music Review-Unburied-Murder 101



Trapped in a Delusion


I’m Going to Fuckin’ Kill You


Stalked, Fucked, and Buried


Abraxas Annihilation


Homicidal Sex Rage


Reborn unto Hades


Impulse to Kill


Heartless Corpse Defilement




The Kidnapper


Murder 101

Mark Riddick

Bass, Vocals, Programming

Brian Forman


Matt Pike

Vocals, Guitars

Review-Unburied are a band with an acquired taste, from the vocals to the lyrics this is a band that I am not sure if this cd is meant as a parody, or to be taken serious. This sounds like if Billy Milano sang for Sepultura in the Arise days with hardcore thrown in. I am assuming this band is trying to come across as a modern day death metal meets hardcore band, but they have a sound that sounds like it ripped off from every band from 1987 to 1992. Let me be honest, the riffs all over this cd are not bad and the drumming is steady and really solid, the vocals are the negative to this band. The lyrics are so ridiculous, it sounds like someone who is just trying to come up with words to offend someone without any kind of passion or even a good enough delivery that someone would not laugh right in his face at him screaming this stuff. Look at the song titles, I mean how original do you think the music is going to be? They seem to have voice overs and little touches to try and make it feel like we are listening to an actual horror film happening. Trust me, when you hear the vocals it sounds like a horror film alright.

I will be honest, there is some positives towards the end and the final track Murder 101 this band shows some potential that I wish they would have showed earlier in this cd. This felt more death metal, while the rest of the cd is being called death metal and felt hardcore influenced more than death. This band has a don’t give a fuck attitude and love us or not we do not care stand; it is really hard to get behind this band and get into the message when the lyrics with the vocals come across like a joke. This band needs to think hard before doing album 3, because so far their music has yet to even make a ripple in the ocean of metal. This cd is neither horror or good metal, it is just a failed attempt by a band that should really care more for what they are delivering, then what they think you guys want to hear from them.

3 out of 10