Music Review: Unantastbar – Gegen die Stille

CD Review: Gegen die Stille
Label: SteamHammer/SPV
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Unantastbar - Gegen die StilleWhat do you get when mix Germans, Punk Rock, good musicianship, catchy tunes and a music reviewer who has no idea what he is listening to?  A Cockpunch of awesome.  That’s what!  Or at least it sounds cool.  Read on for my review!

I will be the first to admit I am not an expert in the punk rock area by any means.  Most of what I always heard was the pop-punk bands singing about growing up and never getting a high school date or something.   With the exception being maybe Rancid which I always liked and thought they did a good job of representing, in what I thought of anyway, punk rock.  So as I review this CD I don’t have a lot in my experience to compare these guys to, so take that as you will and crucify me later if you feel the need.

The other day the boys at Steamhammer sent me a link to band whose name I can’t even pronounce.  Unantastbar.  This sounds a lot like the name of a country Borat would come from.  The link sent me to the bands newest CD Gegen die Stille for me to listen to and review.  So listen I did and review I shall.

Anyway, like I mentioned earlier I had never heard of these guys or had any idea what I was getting ready to listen to.  As I played the first track what I immediately noticed was the crunch of the guitars, how they grabbed me as a listener and the catchiness of the vocals and songs.  As the CD played through its tracks I noticed that many of the songs were very catchy and that they also contained nice guitar melodies and leads, which I always found lacking in a lot of punk bands.  The songs seemed very well written and most of them ran in the 3:30 to 4:00 range which is also something that is a bit uncommon for punk songs, which tend to run a shorter amount of time.

I would sit here and try to recommend certain tracks but they all were really enjoyable and there are even a few slower songs that were also really fun to listen to.  Also, if I am honest since I do not understand the language it’s hard for me to have a reference point to certain songs to go back to and recommend.  If I had to recommend one or two tracks I would say the opening track Kämpft mit uns and Für dich were some stand out tracks.  But all the songs for the most part and really can’t say anything bad for most of them.

For me, what brings this CD all together and makes this work as a whole is Joggl the lead singer.  The guy has got a nice, gritty voice that screams with attitude and is what really sells the songs and gives the band the “street cred” it needs to be a legitimate punk band and helps set Unantastbar apart from being a pop boy punk band.  Also the fact they sing in German gives the songs a more harsh and gritty feel that helps out too.  The songs are also filled with backing vocals that sing along or chant in choruses that are reminiscent of the classic punk attitude.

Now, since I don’t understand German, my mentioning of the vocals giving the band “cred” might be off base if it turns out they are singing about pink balloons and going to prom or something.  As for now however, I found Unantastbar’s recent effort very enjoyable to listen to.

You take the mix of good musicians, well crafted songs, a vocalist with his gritty singing style and what you have here is a band that has the recipe of making a decent and hopefully long career out of music.