Music Review-The Graviators – Evil Deeds


1. Soulstealer
2. Evil Deeds
3. Morning Star
4. The Great Deception
5. Feelin’ Low
6. Haxagram
7. Presence
8. A Different Moon
9. Forlorn
10. The Infidel

Johan Holm- Bass
Henrik Bergman- Drums
Martin Fairbanks- Guitars
Niklas Sjöberg- Vocals

Review-Sweden’s own The Graviators return with their follow up to their self-titled debut. Like the first record this is retro, psychedelic, dark, stoner groove metal. Vocalist Niklas Sjöberg comes across as a combination of Louder than Love Chris Cornell meets Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes. While the music is far from original, it feels like we went back to the late 60’s, early 70’s when bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were inspiring other bands. This is doomy heavy stuff, with some really creative riffs that can hook the non-fan into listening to what this band is offering. A Different Moon is one of those songs that if it hit modern rock radio I feel this band could get some attention off it. Just the fret work in that song alone, is worth bragging about, then you get into the vocal delivery, and this song just has that spark to it, that you just know it could work on radio. The positives to this band for me are the familiarities, this cd does not try to reinvent the wheel, but it shows that the wheel still provides a great ride. The musicians provide such an experimental atmospheric backdrop to the vocals, that the sound comes across as so passionate and such a fresh perspective of this retro sound.

I would recommend any old school Soundgarden fans and maybe Zeppelin fans as well, to give this band a listen. Though, the industry is becoming yet again so oversaturated with these retro bands, but when a band like this comes along, it really makes me glad I stuck with it. This was a really good record, and I feel fans would love it if they gave it a shot.

8.5 out of 10