Music Review-The Bunny Game Soundtrack


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The Bunny Game, whether you love this film or hate this film one thing is for sure, you were curious to see what all the talk was about. What this film was to the movie experience, this cassette (yes I said cassette) will be to the music listening experience. Adam Rehmeier who directed the film also did this soundtrack, and to be honest, this was quite the sonic noisy journey. Harassor gives the cd an interesting start with its loud death metal growls and intensity, but where you think the whole cassette is going to be that way, or in that direction, this music takes a massive turn and seems almost like you are in some kind of dreamscape with all the atmospheric sounds and textures. This musical journey felt like an acid trip into a nightmare that you just cannot seem to want to leave, like a beautiful haunting of seemingly endless fear of what can come up in the next minute of the music. The imagery with what was in this film mixed with this soundtrack is genius, it lets you interpret what conclusion you will come to with and where the sound will take you.

When we turn the tape over to side 2 it starts with almost a warning of how most of us will feel trapped inside this world that Rehmeier has created with this soundtrack. James Brown III, Harassor and Adam really created an experience that equals the one the film gives you with this cd. I felt 60 minutes for this was a good length it does not overstay its welcome in any direction it gives you on this cassette. God is it odd to keep referring to this as a cassette. I know Adam is inspired by early Pink Floyd and obscure art house rock, if he did not create something that maybe his heroes could be inspired by. I am not saying this is a masterpiece or even something mainstream fans would buy, I am just saying if you were a fan of the film you will be a big fan of the soundtrack, if you hated the film, just go to the store and find the Top 40 cd section you will find what you like in that area.

Like the tension in The Bunny Game, this cd is full of that same tension as to what direction it will go next and is there more to this music then what you heard on your first listen. I can make small gripes as to not having Rodleen on this cd more, but this cd is so out there, that I am scared trying to bring normalcy to this would have hurt it. I would have loved to see the mindset making this soundtrack, “how much more drugs can we use to fully get all the voices out of our heads and into this record”. What a bizarre entertaining listen this was, and I did not expect anything more or less from the genius of Adam Rehmeier.

8 out of 10