Music Review-Straight on Target – Pharmakos



Andrea Scaglia – Voice
Federico Buzzetti – Drums
Giulio Castruccio – Guitar
Daniele Molinari – Guitar
Nicolò Rossi – Bass

Review-Straight on Target thru each song on this new cd, lives up to its name, with a combination of growling screaming vocals, and a guitar delivery that is definitely hardcore mixed with speed, and they are out to make a statement with this sound and record. It seems the band is going to stick with the same path that they took on their 2011 ep, and at times that is a positive but in the long run of this cd it becomes a negative really fast. To the credit of the band, the guitars and the vocals while they are all on display and in the forefront of each song, after a while you start to wonder, really what separates this band from the other thousands that offer the same thing. The problem with this band is that they need more experience playing beside each other and get some major tours together, and try to work with their sound some more to get them a difference that people can associate with this band. Now, I am not completely disowning this cd or throwing all hate at this cd, it has some positives, I love the vocals to a point, the screaming growls in moderation is really cool, and the musicians in this band play very tight and solid for the most part, but it just sounds like they are imitating more than creating.

Federico Buzzetti is a drumming maniac with the blast beats, and the snippets from films and television that are thrown into some of the songs, was decent enough, I just wish this music had more depth and maybe not so straight on target, maybe a curve ball here and there, to keep the experience fresh for the listener, because this vocal style with the same anger, screams and growls just gets tiresome. The songwriting is adventurous and daring, but this band has so much growing to do and it is sad, that the songs while well written may go un-noticed by the lack of consistency and personality in this band. This cd just feels like another metalcore band in a room full of millions of metalcore bands. This band just seems content on trying to copy than inspire.

4 out of 10