Music Review-Rammstein- Mein Herz Brennt EP.


Mein Herz brennt – Piano Version (4:31)
Gib mir deine Augen (3:44)
Mein Herz brennt – Video Edit (4:18)
Mein Herz brennt – Boys Noize Rmx (5:00)
Mein Herz brennt – Piano Instrumental (4:31)

Review-I am a huge Rammstein fan, and when I heard that they were re-releasing Mein Herz Brennt as a maxi single, I was stoked. While non-fans will know these guys from Da Hast, diehard fans will know there is more to them than that one song. If you are new to Rammstein, you need to pick up Herzeleid immediately, that cd packs quite the punch and to me that is their classic. After you hear that cd, next up is Sehnsucht and the most criminally underrated song in music history Engel. Then, we go to the third cd because after those two you will want more. Mutter is a step in a more mature direction for our industrial Germans. While I will say that Spieluhr is the best song on Mutter, Mein is a close second. I am such a music fanatic, when I heard the label was sending maxi cd singles for review, I had to get one. I miss the day of cd singles and when stores had rows of regular and imports, with bonus songs you could not get anywhere else, till that damn internet came along and ruined that experience.

I will be honest, I love the new song Gib mir deine Augen, it sounds like it should have come from the Mutter sessions. And then, you get the piano version of Mein that is almost touching in a way, very beautiful almost like a spoken word piece put to piano. Rammstein to me is a band that always seems to redefine itself every few cds, and I just think there is more to this band than Da Hast. And when people call them a one hit wonder, I want to laugh. This is a band that I think are really so underrated and underappreciated that maybe people should give a chance to, and see what they have to offer. And do not let Da Hast cloud your judgment, there is more to this band than that.

8 out of 10