Music Review-Necrowretch-Putrid Death Sorcery


1.Ripping Souls Of Sinners
2.Purifying Torment
4.Putrid Death Sorcery
5.Impious Plague In Catacombs
6.Spewed From Hell
7.Defiler Of Sacrality
8.The Anthropomancer
9.Soiled Into A Crypt


Vlad – Guitars, Vocals
Amphycion – Bass
Desecrator – Live Drums

Review-Necrowretch has been around since 2008, and now the band has arrived where most bands work their whole careers for and that is to a major label. While the underground hype about this band has been so loud in magazines and on websites in the last few years, this is my first taste of this band and I am here to tell you on their debut record, believe the hype. Whatever they say this band is, trust me they are and so much more. This is easily the top contender for best cd of 2013. This cd goes at a breakneck pace and gives you so much death metal goodness that you cannot get thru this cd with just one listen. This is a cd that is easily a play it again and again affair. Songs like Ripping Souls of Sinners and Goat-Headed are going to boost this band’s reputation, and get fans talking and telling the world about this discovery they made. This is brutal death metal with so much power and furious energy that you are not sure if you are listening to a band or getting your ass kicked.

This is 11 songs that really manage to accomplish so much; it seems to shift from death metal to thrash but this cd is nothing short of the music of a band that is going to be major. You just sit here as a music lover and just know that this cd is going to really make an impact if not this year, maybe in the upcoming and be talked about like all the other classics. The sound to this band comes across as almost frightening at times, this band I am pretty sure are not really sure as to how great they truly are. And to think, this is just the start. The argument has been made for years, what bands of today’s scene can take over when the legends and stars retire and no longer tour, this band would be my vote as to a band that really captures the fury and passion of why I love bands like Slayer, Death and Venom so much. This is going to go down for me as the band of 2013, this band has got to be huge, music fans cannot overlook this band. What a fucking statement and sound they made on this record.

This cd is a brutal hammering of death metal combined with the fury of a shark attack. It is raw and direct, the songs are very structured and the playing throughout this cd is very stellar. The underground has taken over; welcome to the band that is going to be metal’s new heroes.

10 out of 10