Music Review-KatzKab – Objet No. 1



01. Miracles
02. The Baron Samedi’s End
03. Harold and the Body
04. Sinking
05. Let’s Burn Them
06. Boliw
07. The Silent Guest
08. Voodoo Catwalk
09. Interlude
10. Lithopedion Boy
11. Chopped Off

Release date is 26th of Feb 2013

Projekt Records



Review-We are 3 weeks into 2013, and I am already thinking of my best of 2013 cd list already. To be honest, I listened to this cd all the way thru 4 times before I even thought about this review. Katzkab is the latest band on the Projekt Records label that is out to mesh every genre of music into a fresh sound and dead set on trying to put its own stamp on where music is heading. I am supposed to tell you what this band sounds like but it is so diverse and so unique that you can say this is a mixture of CSS, Dresden Dolls, Crystal Castles, Pigface, 80’s new wave, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and we have not even began to touch the surface. I got my first taste of this band on the Projekt Records Christmas record, and I just knew there was something about this band that captured my attention and had me excited about what it can create. This gothic cabaret electronic circus is led by front woman Viktor B. who does not sing as much as she seduces you, with her explosion of that sultry delivery mixed with her passionate voice that just gets you so lost in the music.

This cd sounds like the soundtrack to the apocalypse and Viktor guides you the way thru the rhythms, noises and synthesizer to that desolate land between music ecstasy and the stopping of all reality around you because you are so sucked into this place that you do not want to leave. The beauty to this cd is how bizarre it gets, it is art music in its weirdest form, and that is where the brilliance of this band shines, is that it gives you so much similar that you can note the reference to familiarity, but then will inject something different that you will think it is original. This is a band that is not afraid to take chances with the experimentations in their music. This has so much new wave electro layers to it that I think Viktor B. really shines almost like a young Siouxsie Sioux. That could be my sales pitch, if you are a fan of any of the singers and bands I mentioned, this band is right up your alley, and if I listen to any cd so many times in a row, trust me, it is something special. Plus, when has Projekt records put out a cd that was less than a B plus affair? This is a label that cares about music and its future, and instead of doing trends to death and putting out the same old crap everyone else is doing to cash in, they are giving us some great stuff that really makes me gladder that people like Sam Rosenthal exists and labels like Projekt respect us music fans.

9 out of 10