Music Review-Hell or Highwater-Begin Again


Track Listing:

01. Gimme Love
02. Hail Mary!
03. Terrorized In The Night
04. Tragedy
05. Find The Time To Breathe
06. Rocky Waters Edge
07. Go Alone (ft. M Shadows)
08. When The Morning Comes
09. Crash & Burn
10. Come Alive
11. We All Wanna Go Home

Review-In 2011, Hell or Highwater released their debut record and 2 years later, Pavement has decided to release this cd with bonus tracks to give this cd a proper release. This band is founded by Brandon Saller who plays with Atreyu, and this band seems to have that Orange Country Cali. pop alternative metal feel. One thing is for sure this band is catchy and they seem to be aiming for modern rock radio. Not saying that is a bad thing for any band, but this cd felt like almost every band who has released this same kind of cd. This cd while Saller is a great vocalist, there is nothing really different than we have not heard a million times before in better and worst bands. The range in style of songs like Tragedy clearly display this is a very capable band that has some major talent involved. The music on this cd is mid tempo pop metal from a band that sounds so held back, songs like Gimme Love and Hail! Mary are decent but they sound like the band was trying to stay inside the perimeters of being catchy pop rock instead of just letting it out and really put a stamp on the songs.

The band seems to feel like a heavier Fall out Boy with maybe 8stops7 guitar work thrown in. So, if that is your cup of tea, then this cd is a must for you guys. This cd made me feel old; it seems geared towards a teenage crowd, with the message in the songs and the musicianship. Then, you get to the song Go Alone and it really provided me with hope that if this band releases a follow up that they have a clear message of what direction to take the material, it really was such a stand out track for being so brave. A song like this, while the sing a long chorus was hokey, the lyrics and the musicianship in this song which sounded like a metal alternative country song came across very well. While I was never a big Atreyu fan, I do like some of their songs. This band seems to be an outlet to give us a different more poppier and darker side to Saller, and while the cd had some moments here and there that I really liked, and songs like Go Alone that I really dig a lot, the truth is this cd comes across like a cash in for the Atreyu break. It sounded like a band that had a menu, and chose stuff they felt their songs and style needed to be acceptable for pop radio and MTV inspired tours. I liked that the band attempted to highlight many different styles, though I wish this cd would have been more like a band trying to make a name for themselves than a band trying to imitate many bands who have made a name for themselves.

3 out of 10