Music Review-Hatriot – Heroes of Origin


Steve “Zetro” Souza – vocals
Kosta “V” – guitars
Miguel Esparza – guitars
Cody Souza – bass
Nick Souza – drums

1. Suicide Run
2. Weapons of Class Destruction
3. Murder American Style
4. Blood Stained Wings
5. The Violent Time of My Dark Passenger
6. Globicidal
7. And Your Children to be Damned
8. The Mechanics of Annihilation
9. Shadows of the Buried
10. Heroes of Origin

Review-Music is such an odd thing at times, especially hard rock and heavy metal. Look at who they put into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and who they leave out. When you think about the history of music, do you think of LL Cool J having that much of a mark on music that could overshadow Deep Purple, Ronnie James Dio and Kiss? That Abba could get in on their first time, and Van Halen did not get in their first time. Now, let’s think about another travesty, how do bands like Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Testament, and Exodus with Souza on vocals not become huge? I will be honest; Tempo of the Damned by Exodus with the fucking return of Souza was such a solid record that it is almost criminal that the cd was not better received by the community. While Dublin Death is decent, to me it sounded watered down at times. Now that being said, Hatriot’s debut record is the best thing Zetro has done in a very long time; I would put this comeback for him up there with Accept’s Blood of the Nations.

I have to agree with Fearshop Mike on this one, I cannot think of any weak moment on this cd. The songs border from Fabulous Disaster to Impact is Imminent in terms of riffs and the vocal delivery, you can tell this band was very inspired and hungry, and that passion is all over this cd in heavy thrashing power. Hatriot shows the new school how it is done, Globicidal is fucking crushing, and is proof that not only does this band have the talent, but Zetro gives you a vocal performance you would not expect from him at this stage of his career. Kosta and Miguel Esparza really shine on guitars, and then add the Souza on drums; this is a band that seems intent not to recreate but to outshine.

While I will always miss the Holt and Hunolt riffs and crunch on cds like Fabulous Disaster, I think this is clearly some of Souza’s best work. This cd is just pure and plain thrash metal, it does not pretend to be anything else, and is proud of it as you can hear on each song, they wear that label like a proud badge. The Mechanics of Annihilation throws in a surprise with the band vocals (that they use a few times on this cd, and it is really a cool little touch to the sound) and that guitar solo that almost sounded like a Freewheel Burning Judas Priest meets Toxic Waltz. This cd from start to end is why we become music fans, and I will not even make an attempt to say why Souza is not in the same breath as the other great metal vocalists, but I will say this cd is proof that this man should have been so much bigger than he is. Listening to this cd, reminded me of when I was a lot younger and I got the cassette to Fabulous Disaster and I could not stop listening to it. This cd is a must have, if there ever was one.

10 out of 10

  • This cd for any metal fan is going to be such a welcome addition. I cannot wait to see Hatriot on tour, they are doing old school Exodus songs as well.

  • fearshop

    Yes, I love to hear it. I knew that this was going to be right up your alley.