Music Review-Grand Supreme Blood Court-Bow Down Before the Blood Court


Grand Magistrate Bagchus — firing squad commander and coffin drummings
Grand Judge Daniels — axe wielding beheader guitar
Grand Prosecutor van Drunen — verdicts, sentences and tormented howls
Grand Registrar Zuur — blood runes and flesh-saw guitar
Grand Executioner van Eekelen — torture instruments and slaying bass

1. All Rise!
2. Bow Down Before The Blood Court
3. There Shall Be No Acquittance
4. Veredictum Sanguis
5. Behead the Defence
6. Grand Justice, Grand Pain
7. Fed To The Boars
8. Circus Of Mass Torment
9. Public Castration
10. Piled Up For The Scavengers
11. … And Thus The Billions Shall Burn

Review-The debut record from Grand Supreme Blood Court is almost a concept record of sorts. The record plays out like they are our judges, and they are not no pussies like Judge Mathis or Judy, they are here to make sure you get your sentence with plenty of justice, pain, and a huge dose of old school death metal. This eleven track cd is just from start to finish merciless and just brutally intense old school death metal. They seem to have a fondness for gore and bloodshed; their lyrics at time come across as almost a horror script. The guitar riffs on this cd are very crunchy and catchy but they are simplistic and I know most fans of metal these days love the complex stuff. For this sound though, I felt that the guitar fit in perfectly.
I know fans of Asphyx are well aware of what these guys are all about, because this contains current and past members of that band. This is a band that pulls no punches and is out to pass judgment on the land of doom and death metal. I think the transitions this band makes between the two lands of metal, sounds like if Cathedral and Aeon made a record together. This cd is just aggressive and pain intensified, you can hear it when the vocals hit that every word out of this band and sound, sounds like a warning more than a lyric.
Songs like Veredictum Sanguis, All Rise, and the title track especially showcase what this band is all about when they mesh doom and death metal, then you get to the heavy as all hell Fed to the Boars and There Shall Be No Acquaintance and you will hear this band just go to pulverize your eardrums as hard and loud as possible. This is a great debut album that is pretty simple and straightforward, I am excited about what is next for this band. All Rise, the fucking court is in session.

8 out of 10