Music Review-Enabler – All Hail The Void


Track Listing:
2.The Heathens
4.Fuck Today
5.False Profit
6.All Hail The Void
7.True Love
8.They Live, We Sleep
9.No Deliverance
10.Save Yourself
12.Funeral Dirge

Review-This is my first time with Enabler and I will be honest, this cd has made me a fan. If I would have reviewed this cd a few weeks earlier, it would have made my top ten of the year. This cd is just a fucking machine-like pummeling, crunching and crushing affair. This is one of those cds that you hear the opening track and think to yourself, there is no way this band is going to keep this going and make you excited about the rest, but trust me this cd is just what you thrash metal fans have begged for. This band seems to have a sound that delves into so many subgenres, from punk to death metal and all in between. They take these pieces of each subgenre and blend them into something that is just so fucking powerful and intense, that how can anyone who is a metal fan not get behind this cd? The Heathens to me is such a strong song; it has this guitar attack that you will know will get those pits out of control very fast. It has this crushing break, that leads to the chorus that really sounds like Meshuggah’s bastard son is outdoing the father.

The cd seems to have this message throughout, almost a DIY type, if you are sitting there waiting on anyone to help you, you need to forget that and do it for yourself. Now, the way they get that message across may not be the most influential way, but it will be the way a lot of people will commence to headbanging and wanting to start an all-out riot. The vocals on this cd are very catchy and almost reminiscent of Vision of Disorder back in the day to a point. While most fans will complain that there is no new ground being covered, I will counter that with holy fuck is this album explosive, crushing and so hard what else can you can ask a metal release to deliver and how can you not get into this record if you are a true metal fan? Southern Lord must have really made their roster work hard for their new records to come to light; Enabler’s latest is another home run for them. This is just such a hardcore delight that I think fans that do not have this cd are truly missing out, and all the praise this band and cd are getting, trust me believe the hype. This band is going to win you over. This cd is not a bunch of songs whipped together, it is a fucking statement. That statement says; take us serious, we are going to take over.

10 out of 10