Music Review- Denouncement Pyre-Almighty Arcanum


1) Intro: Breath of Tehom
2) An Extension of the Void
3) Almighty Arcanum
4) He Who Conquers All
5) The Deceiver
6) Drakon: All Is One
7) Circle of Serpents
8) Darkness Manifest
9) The Redeemer

They have this saying in music these days that is done to death but it applies here so well, and that is, this cd should make this band major or stars. This band has been around for quite a while, while all they have to show for it is a few eps, some split stuff, and now 2 cds. Denouncement Pyre is a band that is going to turn some heads this year. This band has a sound that seems to border on death, black and thrash metal, and they have a vocalist who knows how to use his voice as almost an instrument that makes the rest of the band really shine on their playing. This band on this record should take that underground following and bring them out of the shadows to a huge stage. This record feels like Slayer when we knew back in the day when Reign in Blood first came out, that this band was no longer going to be our band, they were going to be rising out of the gutters and small clubs and be stars. That is how I felt listening to this cd, though it sounds nothing like Slayer or Reign in Blood, it sounds like a change that music has needed for so long. The cd opens up with one of two instrumentals, or as I call it the calm before the metal storm. Then, we get the growls and screams, to those endless amazing riffs, this cd everyone just gives it their all and they come across as passionate and energetic.

This cd and band exists for the simple fact to really just destroy your eardrums in a musical euphoria. This band seems to accomplish to make a record that each song stands on its own and is just as strong as the song before it. There is no filler or weak moments on this cd. This is frightening as hell to me because I am not even sure this band knows how great they sound and come across. This cd is dark and black and so heavy as all fuck, that if you can sit there after listening to this and think that metal is not alive in 2013, you are clearly missing some brain cells. This is part of a new influx of bands that deserve a break and should be heard immediately. While it seems other genres of music seem so worn out and boring, I am glad to see metal just keep on putting out quality releases. This my friends is a great record that if you were not a fan of the band before listening to it, you will be one after listening to it.

8.5 out of 10