Music Review-Black Tape for a Blue Girl-Tenderotics


01 the perfect pervert ERIK WØLLO MIX
02 marmalade cat MILLY MIX BY STEVE JONES
03 rotten zurich cafe VALERIE GENTILE MIX
04 tell me you’ve taken another MARTYR MIX BY ANDROID LUST
05 in dystopia UNWOMAN MIX
06 caught by a stranger MILLY MIX BY STEVE JONES
07 feel your pulse quicken STEVE ROACH MIX
08 love song STEVE ROACH MIX
10 perfectpurity SAM ROSENTHAL MIX
11 inch worm ATTRITION MIX
12 caughtstranger SAM ROSENTHAL MIX
13 zurichstrings SAM ROSENTHAL MIX

Release Date: February 12 2013

Review-Say what you want about Sam Rosenthal and Black Tape for a Blue Girl, but one thing is for sure, they have yet to release a cd that has disappointed. Now, you would expect that statement about a band that has a few cds under their belt and maybe around less than a decade, not a band that has been around close to 30 years and have influenced so many different genres of music with their unique sound and passionate musicians that have made this band legendary. Their latest is more of a remixing of their brilliant last album 10 Neurotics. If you never heard of Black Tape for a Blue Girl, you are truly missing out on some of the most beautiful gothic poetic lyrics ever put to music. This is trip hop in its most darkest and most sensual. This is a cd, you light candles around the bed get the person you love and just make serious love to.

This is the first remix cd that I think the remixes are better than the originals. Now that is taking nothing away from 10 Neurotics, that was a brilliant record but this remix album is revolutionary in its feeling and sound, this is a band that has nothing to prove to anyone, but seems to always want to prove to people they are capable of making groundbreaking cds and really still showing people that they are just as important now as they were then. The women on this cd are the stars of the vocals, no offense to the guys. The women shine very good on this cd, and Laurie Reade and Nicki Jaine, really give you guys some very intense and deeply sensual stuff that will get you talking and thinking long after you leave this cd. I wish Nicki would come back to this band, she is such an amazing talent, and sad that she is giving up music, she has so much to offer.

Erik Wollo does something interesting with two tracks; he makes them ambient almost space and time shifting stuff. This cd sounds like the equivalent of a split personality; you have half the tracks that sound like sensual female vocals on display trip hop and the other part that sounds inspired by Syd Barrett. This is one of those records that I just feel there is some deeper meaning to it than what the sound is letting on, like either a goodbye or maybe a new direction next time out. This is a cd that will not redefine music, but it may get people interested in buying cds again and supporting bands. This is a cd to buy your lover for valentines with some roses and take them somewhere romantic. From a band that has been around almost 30 years, I would never have expected that they would keep making music this incredible, maybe the Hall of Fame of Rock and Roll would throw them a bone and get them inducted, just for the sheer fact that when this band is gone, all you will have is a million crappy imitations out of the ashes of their greatness with the million already there. Recommended, and highly recommended if you never heard this band before and have no clue what this band is about. Cds like this are not made, they are created and they are created to be forever hailed as where music was at the time you listened to it for the first time, and where music was at afterwards.

9 out of 10