Music Review-Antimatter-Fear Of A Unique Identity


1. Paranova
2. Monochrome
3. Fear Of A Unique Identity
4. Firewalking
5. Here Come The Men
6. Uniformed & Black
7. Wide Awake In The Concrete Asylum
8. The Parade
9. A Place In The Sun

Review-In 2007 when I last heard from Antimatter, I admit with Leaving Eden I was less than impressed and felt they may have ran their course. When you think about music and what fans will support and get behind, metal and alternative rock are truly two genres that immediately come to mind as the main ones people are so picky about. I feel in the last decade, while pop, rap and country has had small declines, metal and alternative rock has really had steep declines in sales. I will not say bands like Antimatter are the cause, but I will say that fans of these genres are veru picky as to what they will spend the money on or take the time to listen to.

In these days and times, 5 to 6 years is a long time to be away and if you decide to come back you better put out something that really is going to inspire people to listen and maybe give the cd like as if your career and band depend on it, because let’s be honest even Guns and Roses, Van Halen and more than likely Tool soon can tell you, the music public is not as patient as it once was. A band like Antimatter are clearly on the fence of familiarity mixed with some artful touches here and there, but they have the same problem they had in 2007 and even before that, they are struggling with trying to make this style work for them and stand out.

That being said, I am not saying this is a bad record, some of the tracks are actually very good compared to past works, but it just feels this band has no interest in trying to branch out with their sound or grow, they would rather just keep on doing the same ambient, pop alternative metal, female injected at times, male vocalist who tries to go for over the top delivery like Eddie Vedder that just tries to be commercial appealing but there really is no radio appeal to this cd.

Fear of an Unique Identity is full of strong ideas that could work, but this cd just lacks passion and emotion. The songs just feel like they are missing that spark and feeling, while they are not bad, they just feel like eating a plate of food, you are so hungry bite to bite, but when you get done with the food, you feel like while that was ok, you wanted it to be like something else instead. While the cd is ok, you are left wishing you would have gotten so much more after this long absence from the band. I will be honest, it was better than Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy and Van Halen’s last cd, so in terms of a return it is better than most, but those cds are not really much to compare something with.

7 out of 10