Movie Review-True Nature


True Nature is a dark, grim and intelligent supernatural thriller that may win over the casual movie fan. This film tells the story of the Pascal family, who on the surface seem like the perfect ordinary middle class people. As the movie opens, we meet their daughter who goes out for a jog one night and does not come home. As with any of us this event changes their lives, until a year later when she returns home with no memory at first as to what has happened. When the daughter comes home, the family soon realize what came home may not be what they were searching for, as now the daughter is having visions, nightmares and is acting strangely. The feel of True Nature is somewhat of a puzzle, this film does not give you anything easy, it makes you think about it and piece it all together as it is going on.

I will be honest; this film shocked me because it kept my attention and had me guessing till the very end. This film has horror themes in it, but it would be wrong to classify it as a horror film, because the film moves so slow and builds up a story and the tension that this film has felt more like a rubber band being tied around your finger, where each scene made it tighter and tighter. This film was more like an intelligent thriller with a supernatural theme and a grisly final 15 minutes that really does not hold anything back for the viewer. While the film is shot in the present day, I cannot help but think this film suggests maybe the early 70’s with the scenery, colors and just the look of the film. I think the pace of this film may be slow to some, I did not mind it because I felt that it was building up to something with the characters and the story, that I did not mind following it and moving slowly with it.

I think a film like this could have been handled in so many other ways, and each way would have made the film worst that with this film you can just tell that each shot and scene was so thought out and rehearsed. True Nature is unique in the storytelling aspect of the film because it creates a story that you are not sure what is going on, but you are compelled to try and figure it out as they keep going on with it. True Nature is a well-made film that will get people to pay attention and is uncompromising with the way it all ends up. This film is basically you get out of it what you put into it. It has so many dark and depressing tones throughout that I think people who like a film to challenge you and make you think will love this film. The bad part is as good as this film is this is a onetime watch there is no repeat value to it. The ending to this film, well better yet the final shot of this film will have you thinking and talking long after you shut it off.

8.5 out of 10